Sunday, July 31, 2011

A thousand Praise God for the Copts

July 31,2011
    The Revolt continues. In the Greater Toronto Area 4000 Catholic families of the Coptic Rite are threatening to withdraw their children from the Catholic Schools. They have already exited out of the Toronto Public Schools.  The head of this Catholic Rite, Father Attaalia has written a letter with the strength of four parishes and 12 priests under him, to the Director of Education Anne Perron stating they will withdraw their children if amendments assuring Catholic morality is not passed in August.
    If the homosexual equity ( read preference) policy is pushed into Mississauga 7000 families with pull their children from the Catholic Schools.
    These are Catholics faithful to the Magisterium . It is safe to assume that they average   four children to use the school system. That would be a potential 40,000,000 to 160,000,000 dollars lost to the Catholic School Board and 150 to 600 teachers who would be unemployed. This does not include the many Catholics who do not have such strong spiritual leadership to direct and speak for them but would also pull their children.
    In Saskatchewan when sex education was implemented in 1976  by then Minister Doug MacCarther, a protege and employee of the Rockefeller Institute, independent schools mushroomed throughout the province. Once regulations were in place to supposedly help and protect independent schools but in fact turned to hinder independent education homeschooling flourished. Schools were closed all over the province while six year olds can spend three hours a day being bussed to and from school. Now a programme similar to the  Toronto pro- homosexual one has been prepared for the fall. It is not released to the public but has been given to the school board directors to implement. No parental or public input in this power loop is allowed.
    If this culture of death education continues the institutions and departments will collapse at their own policies. Parents have a right to decide the education of their children. Catholic Schools have as much right to public funds and public protection as what was once called Protestant schools according to the Constitution.( BNA 1867, section 93). If Catholic schools are no longer Catholic according to the minimum standards of Christian morality a strong legal argument can be made that Catholic parents who want a Catholic education have a right to their own Catholic schools and teachers.  It would seem 13,000 families in Toronto and Mississauga would be a good core organisation for a new Catholic Education Ministry.
    In Saskatchewan the implosion will continue. More parents will pull their children. More schools will close. More village and towns will no longer functionally exist. Once the school is gone it is extremely difficult to keep the stores and services viable.
    The solution is admit that the homosexual lobby is in the direction of moral, social and economic collapse and implement policies consistent with basic Christianity, fairness and family protection. Gay. Three Cheers and a Thousand Praise God for the Copts and other Catholics of Toronto. Gay