Monday, August 29, 2011

Brabant Lake will not be run by drugs

August 29,2011
The Beheading of St. Jean de Baptiste
    Today Councillor John Caswell refused to sign the time sheet for the two rec, directors and added an explanation why. I was surprised, very pleasantly surprised.
    The majority of councillors ( 3) have made it very clear that they do not want the position of recreation director filled any more. Rec. director Mrs.Joyce McLeod, husband Eugene works at a gold mine,has new born baby girl, young and adult boys involved in drugs and drug trade. Her mother is a councillor and gets the same amount of money as her daughter as they sit in a hall. Her father is the mayor. Obviously these 2 are in a conflict - of - interest situation and are a  minority. The mayor has not made it known where he stands nor does he have to do so..
     Eugene McLeod and Rebecca McLeod Beukert for several terms spent their time signing each other work sheets and plundering the community. Joyce and Rebecca’s paid job was to stop any of the mission’s activities. They threatened, bribed, pushed children and adults from school, crafts, catechism activities, et c. They are responsible for a great deal of harm to children and adults. Not one of their victims benefited academically, spiritually, socially or physically from being pulled from Mission activities.  Eugene and Lawrence got paid to build a new hall that has to be redone. They spent time wrecking and building a new skating rink which is not operable but they got paid expenses plus salary. No contracts or bids were considered. The damage continues.
    Joyce has never been elected nor hired by anyone but her husband, the former mayor . She hangs on to her position that not only stops people from taking initiative in the area of recreation but controls the secular school that serves no purpose except stops people from learning at the mission school. Children who read and did math at the mission school no longer seem to be able to do so. Children have quit school at nine years old and are wandering the community doing drugs.
     Their actions and the 7 million or so that has been spent to stop Mission activity by a phoney alternative has harmed many people including their own children. This 7 million of government funds is blatant and deliberate religious persecution. The main issue is the Beukert- McLeod juggernut have to control the community to protect the drug trade.  In the Weyburn area a man killed the drug provider of his daughter. I am sorry to continue to make this public and am very glad that the father has had a light sentence. We have not  killed anyone nor have the slightest desire to do so. We would prefer to convert the drug users and dealers to Christianity, real Christianity. However how long can people compromise about drugs, look the other way , pretend government money isn’t protecting he drug trade? One can compromise to the point of being part of the drug machine and being just another adult who sacrifices children for a drugged peace.  No more.
    John Caswell did a very good thing today. He told me after the fact. If the La Ronge municipal office signs those 3 hours x 5 days  x 2 people time sheets we need to know why they are protecting  positions not wanted, not needed, and usually not really covered. Joyce McLeod is not just on a campaign against the mission. The Municipal Office is
    It was Joyce McLeod’s son who killed our dog with a stolen  Coneybear trap and threw the dog in the river. The reason was to protect his drug customers from being startled by barking.
    Joyce McLeod emphatically said that we could not pitch a tent at the Culture camp and sleep overnight. Why? What is done at this culture camp that cannot have two more campers?
    Way to go John, my hero. Gay