Sunday, August 28, 2011

Give me that old time Marxism

August 28,2011
The Feast of St. Augustine
    The Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimmage is still polluted with New Age Witchcraft called
 “ Native Spirituality.” The Residential School Scam. Empty parishes throughout the North.
No priests but lay leadership without moral criteria. Government financed drugs, alcohol, witchcraft. What is the reason for the deplorable state of once vibrant Catholic, moral, industrious communities? Well actually a whole lot  of the answer to this can be found starting at page 59 of THE JESUITS by Malachi Martin ( 1987). I kid you not.
    Liberation Theology began in Europe by a Marxist Franciscan Leonardo Boff. This theologian spread his teachings to and with the Jesuits. The Jesuits being influential and respected throughout the Church quickly spread this Marxist teaching to other orders such as the Oblates in Canada. Even Protestant Churches were infested. The books sites that Canadian bishops were using a Marxist analysis to guide and direct the Church.The Bible, 2000 years of Church Tradition, the Magisterium in Rome, the Pope all became secondary or irrelevant to the New Church. Christianity was only to be a source for Making the Revolution. Marxism replaced Christianity and the Church was the vehicle in which this change would take place. As was stated by Catholic apostate Fidel Castro the Church is the Scaffold in which we will make our revolution. A scaffold is torn down after it has served its purpose.
    According to Liberation Marxist Theology Roman was alien imposition of religious doctrine which caused social and political oppression where the Church flourished. Catholicism was an invasion of alien European cultures.
    Truth and authority did not come from above such as from the Vicar of Christ, the pope who represents the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ.  It had to be found below from the level of the people. The People would form base communities and would run the Church with their symbols, their answers, their choices. No teaching or directing authority would be allowed from above.from the alien hierarchic church.
    Hence paganism would be incorporated into the Mass. As the typical Marxist contradiction the paganism and the type would come from above by Marxist nuns and priests. They were and are like Lenin’s vanguard party which was to teach the people that they needed to be liberated and how and who would do it.
    Residential schools, evangelisation, even spreading catechism materials were evil because this assumed that the Church had Truth, skills and knowledge to offer. All answers had to come from the people. Thus native culture of the past was romantised and turned into a fairy tale of perfection with compulsory acceptance. Talking or writing of the cruelty, disease, fear and immorality of pre- Christian culture was not allowed. Mel Gibson showed us the cruelty of the pre- Christian Roman culture and the human sacrifice en masse of the Aztec cultures. These were Christian and anti- Communist films because they told the truth that people: Aztecs, Romans, Picts, Cairns, Gauls, and Irish without Christ were lost, cruel , fearful and lived hell on earth. The film BLACK ROBE ( language and honesty warning) based on JESUIT RELATIONS of the 16th Century did the same.               
    In the Canadian park around Midland, Ontario  where Jesuits and Hurons were martyred government financed tour guides are not allowed to tell the truth of how Brebeuf, Jogues et c were tortured and murdered .
    The Catholic bishops bought into Marxism, the Liberal Government through Indian Affairs pushed it, financed it, and protected it from Christian competition. The miracle is despite this there are vibrant and often persecuted native and northern Christians hungering like us for a Catholic Mass, for priests who will practise and teach Catholic morality and for protected schools who will teach the Truth and the skills to pursue the search of Truth. Gay