Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is no longer funny

August 25,2011
     We went away on a trip. When we returned there was no pay sheet for the Rec. Directors. We thought that was a good and ethical position for them to quit. Then yesterday the administrator who lives 100 miles away said that they couldn’t just quit. They were back on the job of sitting in a hall for three hours X 2 daily. There has to be a passed resolution. Excuse me at the meeting the same administrator said that she refused to call a vote. Meanwhile people have been given plenty of compliant booze etc.
    The administrator is ignoring the majority very vocal wish. She is encouraging people with a conflict- of - interest to vote for their own financial boondoggle. She and her political masters in La Ronge are infringing on our and other people’s right to freedom of association, freedom of religion, the right to choose the education of choice for yourself and your children, and the right to an education that is actually an education amongst other things. This is not new and has been going on for a long time.  It is estimated that the unpopular and unnecessary rec. director programme has got about a $100,000. Keeping open a school that does not educate costs  at least more than a million a year. There is one purpose and one purpose only to all this expense: to stop the mission.
    People who have seen their schools closed with 70 or 90 people feel very bitter when they hear of schools kept open for a handful of students many of whom do not attend. They are told that it is our fault.  It is true that the school if not the entire community would be pulled if we were not here but it is not we who cost the taxpayer about $6,700,000.00 in recent years.  We have cost the taxpayer exactly $0.00 and have greatly benefited the entire North and beyond.
    If the rec. directors, one of whom is called sometimes a janitor, would just do nothing it wouldn’t be so bad. But rec. director Joyce McLeod tells people that they can’t go to Vacation Bible School, St. Mary’s Club, Our Lady of the North School , to the mission’s thanksgiving meal, Christmas events, et c. She will go herself because spying and reporting is an integral part of her real job description.
    She went once to a sewing class for one hour. Because she was drunk I spent the time threading her machine after every foot of sewing. Since she and another  showed interest we
went to Prince Albert and got extra supplies. A week later she had the Administrator buy sewing machines for the hall . We were expected to give all our fabric and supplies to her. We of course did not. No sewing was done but people were stopped from going to the mission’s succesful sewing class.  Then there was a smear campaign that we stopped her from having sewing classes. I have made clothes since I was 12 years old and had six years of 4H sewing when that ment very high standards. Rec. Dir. has had one hour of sewing class while half corked. It’s who gets government pay that counts, not expertise, not qualifications, not a giving and caring attitude.
    So why does she and another  want to sit in a hall from 5 to 8 pm? There is logical possibility. Her family have been involved in the drug use and trade for a long time. Drug transactions can occur in prime time near the store with customers from the north and south.  They don’t have to park near the mission school or the Caswell home. Stopping drugs does not require a resolution or a vote. It is already determined to be illegal yes, even in the North, even in Brabant Lake.  Good and mad, Gay