Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On to Layton and the Layton agenda being laid to rest

August 24,2011
    Days before the Canadian or Dominion election the United States media were heralding a socialist sweep in Canada and Jack Layton was going to be the first blatant socialist Prime Minister in all his “ diversity.” Our American contacts  couldn’t believe the kind of things that I dared write about him ( all true) and warnings of dire retaliation to me were passed on through family channels.  Another Voice said “ don’t worry. In four months he will be finished.” The American media treated the elected  majority Conservative government with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister as a filler story when it happened. Americans have heard little or nothing Layton being forced to step down due to an upsurge of cancer. Perhaps Americans and Canadians have also missed that Mr. Layton died at about  4am August 22, 2011 four months after others were predicting a Layton socialist sweep and homosexual activists were poised to push their agenda and retaliation in full force.
    The union leaders have always known that the social amoral or immoral agenda of the NDP leadership is at odds with their moral, family oriented membership. To date the union leaders have managed to hide from their membership the full force of the antipathy of the NDP to the family values of the working men and women that they supposedly represent.  No more. The third Maclean’s Layton cover story gave evidence that this man chose a life style that was a choice for death. He lived it. He advocated it. He pushed it. He bullied people to accept it. On the surface Jack Layton was a great glad- handing man, always cheerful, always up. To those who crossed him he was viciously retaliatory and had a network of spies and henchmen Robert Cecil in his Elizabethian police state of the 16 th century or the KGB of the 20th century would admire.
    It took more than Jack Layton to turn “ Toronto the Good” to “Toronto the Gay” but he was a key instrument and preferred banner carrier. His seemingly meteoric rise in the last election was not spontaneous, was not a surprise to many, was planned, mapped and executed years in advance with many layers of players in the media and elsewhere.
    He was to be the Canadian Lieutenant to America’s Obama.  Have you heard the NDP- Libs whine about “ bringing back our colonial past” every time that something specifically Canadian, like the word Royal is advanced? Or the biblical word “ Dominion” is used ? The sneer “colonial” is the buzz word to make us ashamed so we will jump on the globalist band wagon.  In Obama’s 2700 page health bill passed Christmas Eve 2009 is allotted money for “gender rights” education such as the NDP - Layton were pushing federally and provincially.  The ObamaCare bill is in the process of repeal. These parallel pushes for “diversity ,or  gender rights,” in Canada, US and Brazil are no accident. Layton  didn’t come up with this stuff by listening to resolutions from the floor at union meetings.
He had his own political masters.
    Yes, Mr. Layton deserves our prayers and although he was not a Catholic I hope that some priests will be so kind as to offer Masses for him. I hope that what he learned in the United Church when he was small and when  the United Church was most of the time Biblical helped him in his last few days and hours.  He deserves our sorrow, but not our cover- ups. Canada, especially the great city of Toronto, deserves our sorrow and repentance.
Gay Caswell