Friday, August 5, 2011

Stop Government Supplied booze and drugs

August 06, 2011
    Addendum to yesterday’s posting sources tell me that in addition to Municipal money there are band donations to the anti- youth, anti- elder, anti- culture camps. People got their “share” of drugs and booze even without attending the camp. In the past it was reported to me that the present Chief of Lac La Ronge Indian  Band was free with dope at winter carnivals here. Yes, I have reliable sources for that one. Let’s get this straight. Drugs are illegal. Drugs are illegal even if the NDP / Liberals use it for political campaigns. Drugs are illegal even if Band leaders use them for rewards for compliance and shoring up support. There are no drugs- are- okey- here zones. Not in Stanley Mission, not in La Ronge, not in Brabant Lake. There are no designated - to- go- to- hell communities. And Brabant Lake isn’t one.
    In healthy communities the government doesn’t pay you to have fun, to go family camping, to cook a Thanksgiving Meal or horrors to have a Good Friday Bingo. You have to pay for your own drunks and your own illegal drugs. There are not Recreation Directors who stop other people from having community events. People visit and have fellowship without having the government involved. When they do there is a spirit of friendliness and gratitude . No one resents that someone else is controlling the money, supplies and the booze and drugs skimming. No one resents who gets to control the left over supplies.  People give and share voluntarily . A bannock freely given tastes better than a government paid turkey meal. Have you ever noticed how a birthday supper at somebody’s house tastes so good but government- bought food in a government  hall tastes like cardboard ? The difference is one is an act of friendliness, the other is somebody’s government programme.
      All this government money including band money which is also  government and tax payer money doesn’t improve people’s quality of life. It controls people. It makes people believe that they can’t do anything without government “help”. It also makes people believe that if the government is involved it’s okey. It’s okey to have schools run by people with grade three who let you hang-out, check- it- out and drop- out at nine years old. It’s okey to get drunk and do drugs because the band government or the NDP candidate gave the b&d to you. It stops people from making their own moral choices, from being individuals and having the pride of self - sufficiency.
    Corrupt governments, and the North has very corrupt levels of government, like to give jobs to people who aren’t qualified because then that person will do exactly what the controller wants.  They want people to believe no one can teach you anything worthwhile unless the government says so.
    People have Duty, Dignity and Destiny given to them by God.  Every child, no matter what circumstances surround his conception, is a gift from God. God is the Giver and Author of Life. No person is born with no other purpose than  to be a drug buyer, an NDP voter, an object for someone’s sexual preference and then eventually a closed RCMP file on another  unexplained and who care’s sudden death.
    God made you. God has the rules to make you free. But you have to choose to follow His rules . Gay