Saturday, August 6, 2011

Its called Genocide

The Feast of the Transfiguration
August 06, 2011
    Yesterday at Vacation Bible School I watched the usual drug transaction across the street ( the home of the Recreation Director). At 4:30 am while doing a common early morning stint in the kitchen I heard the usual drug transaction next door ( home of the son of the Recreation Director). When John was checking on our canoe he noticed a small cabin had been built in the bush. There is no purpose other than drugs are often transacted by boat across the river and young people who began doing dope as young as nine can go do dope there.  When we went and got drinking water one can detect the designated spot for drug transaction which is marked more obviously than the spring down the road.  We notice two of our former students, a brother and sister, who have been drugged out and our wondering back and forth from La Ronge to Prince Albert. Their father was murdered and the son at 14 was pulled from Our Lady’s School to be involved in drugs and a payment with his body for no prosecution of his father’s murder. He finds it difficult to get off drugs and the lifestyle pushed on him at 14. ( The present Recreation Director lived in La Ronge at the time and engineered his removal from the mission school where he was excelling and was not doing drugs)
    We noticed an old mission calendar emphasising ten years of  Camp Commitment . The calendart was very popular. It was after that calendar the government financed Drugs and Booze Camps began. No Christianity allowed.
    We have given page after page of evidence of drug use and transaction to the mounties. We no longer waste our time . In the sixteen years that we were here not one drug bust has been made in Brabant Lake concerning local use  although every one knows all the information we know and more.   We have been told and our children have been told many times that drugs are legal here and they are protected. They are not legal here and they are not legal anywhere in the North. There is one Criminal Law in Canada.
    Although there are many bright children here and ones who love to sing and work the Recreation Director’s main job has been to stop children from going to Our Lady of the North School. After they are pulled and sent to the hang- out school children who were learning to read can’t. Children who could count at 3years can’t at 7years. 
    Honourable Don Morgan who is leading the parade to prosecute Christian Whatcott and stop any criticism of sexual abuse of children has , along with his staff, has done everything possible to persecute us and the mission school.
    When I could not go to court the crown prosecutor, who works under Morgan, got a ruling that I defamed him when I mentioned Attorney General Morgan and did not mention him in many passages that he used as “evidence.” In effect Don Morgan is using the crown prosecutor to silence me.
    When we had a battle for our house and won Don Morgan made it so housing authorities cannot be made accountable under the Rentalsman’ Act.
    I stupidly asked the Attorney General of this province who used to be called a Tory to help me get inheritance money from Quebec. No wonder we never got it and the Quebec government acts like it will never have to be answerable.
    What has happened and is happening in the North especially in designated communities like Brabant Lake is Genocide,Human Genocide and Cultural Genocide. Pushing drugs, illiteracy , discouraging employment for fear of losing one’s house is rank and total racism against Northerners, most of whom are native and metis. Letting a few natives think they are running the show is just part of the game to destroy a people. Gay