Saturday, August 6, 2011

Which comes first. Rebellion or Rebellion

August 06,2011
Evening of the Transfiguration
     Saturday evening is the beginning of Sunday, the new Sabbath. For us it is a time for the sorrow that we have no Mass here and no Mass for us 30 miles away. Over a year ago Father Blom let us know that he didn’t want us through the doors of the Church and he believes that he has a mandate to destroy us and the mission. He had a mandate, an obedience from the Oblates to be in Southend for three years. I believe that the three years are over. Let’s say he gave our destruction a good try.
    At my side is a print out of a blog by Louie Verrechio. Spirit Daily had a link to it earlier this week. Mr. Verrechio explains that the homosexual priests had an inordinate influence even in the changes in the Liturgy.  He states that since people who have succumbed to homosexuality often are narcisstic ( raptured by themselves) they wanted to turn the Altar from a front altar to a free standing altar where they can perform. IT WAS NOT DECIDED BY ANY VOTE, DOCUMENT OR COMMITEE , MUCH LESS POPE THAT THE HIGH ALTARS BE DESTROYED AND THE PRIEST STOP LEADING THE PEOPLE IN WORSHIP BY ALL FACING EAST. Vatican II was used as an excuse to do this. Many priests objected but had to go along or thought they had to do so.
    The blog does not mention this but it was not decided likewise that people should stand and take Communion in hand,or that women should take on priestly duties at the altar such as passing out God’s Blood and Body. All these were not mandated by Vatican II but Vatican II was used as an excuse and opportunity to rebel. The blog mentions that homosexuals have difficulty with authority. St. Peter and St. Paul in their epistles mention that men and women burning with passion for their own sex is a RESULT of rebellion not the cause of it.  At any rate there has been a great deal of rebellion amongst some priests and bishops against the Papal Authority while they often demanded compliance from others for their rebellious decisions.
     I used to survive a Mass with a homily with lewd and vulgar comments from Fr. Blom by keeping my eyes fixed on a statue of the Virgin Mary. He then put a huge stereo amphlifier in front of the statue so I could no longer see it.  That was the last Mass we attended there, read were allowed to attend.  One should question that this preoccupation of removing statues from the front is also an act of narcissism.  Can’t stand any competition from Ste. Mary or Ste. Therese de Lisieux. The “ audience” might miss a tight jean kick in doing preps or confessions in reverse.
    Brother Josue has been in Alabama helping to bring back disgruntled Catholics to the fold. Brother Nathan is on a retreat while he prepares himself for final vows. Sister Mary Judith is off  to Pasadena, California to help establish a convent house there. I might add our other children are on their own faith journeys. Daniel and Brandy Caswell who are not yet Catholic do excellent mission work in their home area of Riversdale, Saskatoon. Catholics could learn a lot from them. Our children have their own missions and authorities. It would be good if other Catholics would remember that we have suffered a lot of injustice while we work for basic human dignity for Northerners. No, children are not a resource to sexually plunder by authorities. Paul says a workman is worthy of his hire. We’re bold enough to think back pay and correcting defamation is over due. Thanks for those who work at it. God bless all. Gay