Thursday, August 18, 2011

welfare is the road to socialism

August 18,2011
     Phyllis Schlafly is a leading conservative intellectual, researcher and activist in the USA. For 44 years she has written the Phyllis Schafly Report. In her May issue on the Obama big spending, big waste, big control budget she states the following:
    “Obama’s profligate deficit spending confirms the researchers who discovered that Obama absorbed the Frances Fox Piven strategy, which he learned from her own lips as a principal speaker at a Socialist Party Scholars Conference in New York in 1983 when Obama was a student at Columbia University. The strategy is to flood the welfare system with more recipients than taxpayers can afford, thereby creating a financial and political crisis that will doom the capitalist system and move the U.S into Socialism.”
    I do not know how many Canadian and particularly Saskatchewan socialists were there. They could have been the major teachers. This strategy has been going on for years. The best or worst example is northern Saskatchewan.
    People are pushed into welfare generation after generation and controlled to keep them on welfare. There are gold mines all around Brabant Lake. One closed when gold was $300 per oz. and opened again when gold is $1800 per oz. Our neighbour is the  prospector who found gold for at least one mine. Yet there are continual barriers to stop real “ Share- The - Wealth” to quote a socialist theme that is being sung all over the province at present.
    For 16 years we have been teaching adult literacy, academic upgrading and life skills that really change lives. ( Read Christianity) Yet the Northern Controllers with full support from Regina have been attacking us every step of the way. Students have been threatened with everything from trumped up criminal charges to threats that Lac La Ronge Band will will not give them a funeral when they die if they continue. Their body will be thrown in the dump it was claimed..
    People whose husbands are working in the mine have been paid by tax payer money  to run booze and drug camps and to cook turkey at Thanksgiving. Not only are they paid to cook a government financed  meal they try to stop us and others who want to have  our Thanks to God Thanksgiving even if we change the date.
    Keeping the family home is dependent on not working because if one works the rent will be too high. It is frightening because the work may not last but the rent will stay the same for a long time.  How many of you would go to work if it would cost you your home?
    People are not allowed to make any home improvements, not even to paint a room, build a shelf or make a porch. A good renter is one who looks after nothing and thus gives plenty of work for Housing staff, carpenters and tradesmen who will give a kick back to the NDP and don’t mind a little drug and NDP signs transporting on the side.
    There is supposed to be a sliding scale in which someone on welfare can make a certain amount while still be on welfare with the money reduced so it is still beneficial to work until one can be off welfare entirely. People are afraid to do part time work for fear that they will be cut off welfare entirely. Since they then never learn to work they are perpetual welfare recipients.
    The most effective way to keep people on welfare is to allow drugs to go unchecked. Young people who begin doing drugs at 13 or 9 years old are not going to be effective labourers. students or family makers. Not only are drugs not prosecuted the people working to stop drugs are prosecuted Trumped up libel charges are turned into trumped up criminal charges. Meanwhile Chief Tammy Cook Searson shares the drugs and booze at carnivals, as testified in Brabant Lake, and at election time. She funds camps, all ready government funded when everyone knows the funding will go to drugs. Drugs and booze are the main arsenal of Lib- NDP campaigns. If people weren’t hooked on drugs they would have a hard time getting elected. They’d have to come up with real debatable issues.
    A person on welfare in a public house can be threatened to vote NDP. A person who is self sufficient is not easilty threatened and has a vested interest in stopping socialism.
    The good news is despite that people are no longer voting socialist in this province and obviously in the north as evidenced by the three time win of Conservative Rob Clarke.
But it takes more than political wins. Real change comes with changed lives. That means God is your provider and a person does what he can to help with the providing. Gay