Monday, September 12, 2011


September 12,2011
    There has been a serious forest fire out on the lake area. The main property being affected and threatened is the McKenzie trap line. The spokesman from the SERM cache in Southend states “ there has been no thunderstorms with lightning. This has been a wet year, This fire was definitely started by a person or persons.”
    Right now old feuds have resurfaced and a few new ones have opened in the community. When Councillors Charles, McKenzie, and Caswell spoke against the continued funding of a rec. director, the position of a rec. director and against “culture camps” that reinforce drinking and drugs it was not a statement of personal hate against anyone or against specific families. It was an act of responsibility. People wonder how could John Caswell “betray “ others ? How could I write against various people?.  How could we side with a person who on other occasion was a serious threat to our life ?
    Whether in Ottawa, Regina, or in little Brabant the duty of elected people is to defend the right and to correct wrongs. People disagree at times about what is right or how to correct wrongs .Therefore there are plenty of conflicts. Group loyalties are important. People are at war with each other although it is not a war that should have physical violence, death or property destruction. All this can be done without personal hate and illegal retaliation.
    People wonder how could I have written critical things about former Premier Allan Blakeney at the time of his death  One reason was Blakeney’s death was used as a political prop in a very serious, desperate election which could have been the destruction of Canada.  In the week it was assumed the late Jack Layton was going to be the Prime Minister of Canada I was given a letter that stated I have two choices :6 months or 3 months in jail , in both cases silenced forever on the internet. If the NDP had become government  there would have been many such  letters.
    Another reason is we live daily in a world infested by the former DNS area in which Blakeney allowed people to declare an area where an elite could make up their own rules and ignore the ones not convenient. We were planning on attending the memorial service for Allan Blakeney but funds weren’t there. Premier Blakeney heard me say many times things as critical as what I have written recently against his political regime. I do not recall every hating him. I also found him personally polite and gracious. He had manners that some of his feminist party followers would have condemned.( He opened doors for women.)
    We have an obligation to defend our lay mission. Every Christian has a duty to defend the Gospel and its spreading.  There has been millions of government funds used to attack the one little Catholic school in one half of a very large province. The job of the Rec. Director was to stop people from learning of and participating in Christianity. We could do no other  than fight back.
    One can and must forgive people. One does not have to trust them or stop protecting yourself or your work.  However if someone no longer is trying to kill me I gladly will extend hospitality to him or her. If someone who once was trying to be a Christian and was a kind person is now an enemy of the Gospel I have a duty to try to stop him or her in the attacks.
    The French O Canada states because we know how to carry the sword we can carry the cross. The cross is about forgiveness, yours and mine and about forgiving. We have a duty to defend that Cross. Fortunately words and the pen (or computer) can be the sword.  Gay