Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Cross is over the Crown

Sept 04,2011
    In May the Toronto Catholic School Board promised that there would be votes on amendments proposed by school trustees Del Grande and Kennedy. In August 30 it was expected that those votes would happen. For this reason 250 parents and taxpayers packed the board meeting. Seven people made impassioned speeches including a recent grade 12 graduate, Kayla Martin. The amendments were to ensure that student clubs be consistent with Catholic moral teachings.
    To the shock and dismay of the trustees, the 250 participants and the Catholic community at large the unelected School Director, Ms. Ann Perron had rewritten the amendments so that they were inconsistent, unclear and “without teeth.” The original amendments were voted down and replaced by the manipulation of the unelected. The audience shouted for democracy and clapped for their speakers. The chairwoman silenced them and called for a recess. A hundred of the audience walked out in disgust.  Suresh Dominic of Campaign Life Coalition summed it up precisely; “ The fight is not over.”
    Lou Iacobelli said “And this isn’t just listening to the people in terms of the importance of democracy, it’s defiance of the the teaching of the Catholic Faith.”
    One amendment did pass:In cases of apparent conflict between Catholic denominational rights and Ministry of Education policy “the protection of the denominational aspect takes precedence.” That means ,if taken seriously, these clubs and homosexual push by Premier McGuinty’s education department are obviously out of line with Catholic teaching.
Therefore they should and must be rejected.
     It will take more than one meeting and one  amendment for this to be enforced.
    Meanwhile many parents are asking for a list of Catholic private schools. That is good. We hope that many will go to private schools and more Catholic private schools will be open. However Canadian law and tradition makes it very clear that people have a right to educational choice. It does not mean that is if you’re able to afford it.  All children have a right to education .They and their parents have a right to choose Catholic education without financial punishment.  Catholic education means education that is Catholic in content, curriculum, personnel, suppositions and goals. Public education isn’t the norm and Catholic education is not a watered down version of public.  Catholic Education was in Canada at least 200 years before protestant education. No one dreamed or could imagine any education that stated the right to be sexually perverse in a variety of ways takes precedence over any other right.  The Catholic schools were the trail blazers and the norm that set the standard for all other education. Today when Catholic Schools are not protected  it is very hard to have proper schools for other Christian families.
    The original version of O Canada which is in French states “ Your bravery with tried
and proven faith will protect our homes and our rights, will protect our homes and our rights.” Our families and rights are under attack as surely as the tromp of the boots of the  gestapo or the midnight knock at the door of the KGB. The fight, to say the least, is not over. Gay