Saturday, September 3, 2011

Church Teaching vs social thuggery

      “The function of the State’s authority is twofold: to protect and foster families and individuals, but neither to absorb them nor substitute itself for them.” from the Church’s teaching on Social Justice.
    Everything I have been writing  lately is about a violation of Church teaching on Social Justice. This has not changed since Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. It has been defined clearly for today by a man who suffered under and fought Totalitarianism all his life: Pope John Paul II. The Church’s concept of Social Justice is not Socialism but the exact opposite.
    Often health personnel are baffled by infection, cancer and other diseases coming from the North.  They don’t understand the source. Actually alcoholism, and diabetes are often symptoms of something else: The virus is pervasive bullying and degradation of individuals and families.
    So does it matter if the designated bully ruined my sewing class and stops children and adults from attending a little mission school other than being an annoyance to us? Yes. One of our community members wanted to continue in sewing class. She was an artist in training behind a sewing machine. She was attending  the mission school and was on her way to getting a solid grade XII. Her children attended and were learning to read very well. One was a natural poet. They were bullied and pulled out of the school and the evening sewing class by the Rec. Director.  The wife and mother, victim of the R.D. is fighting for her life in a Saskatoon hospital.
    Many many times we have seen people especially women who keenly feel the injustice of bullying and the cruelty and disdain produced by the drug culture succumb to alcoholism, cancer and unexplained infection. Their suffering turns inward on themselves because they experience wrongs that they cannot correct and are not even allowed to express..
    La Ronge protects the bullies and usually appoints them. Regina protects La Ronge.
If local elected people object the administrator won’t allow a vote. Then says a rec. director can’t be dismissed without a resolution or vote. When local people wanted a resolution to fire the public housing bully in La Ronge the administrator wouldn’t allow it but said that there would be a meeting with him. It never happened and never will happen.
    Northerners, to these people. exist for the purpose of the professionals and civil servants. If the results are misguided, dead wrong and seriously harmful that’s fine with them. The bigger the mess the more professionals can be hired. While the SaskParty will likely sweep the province in the next election the hard core communists, bullies and thugs are on their way to turning fake born-again conservatives, will keep their positions, their huge salaries and pensions and will act exactly the same. They will be defended by Regina as “ having a wealth of experience.” So did Stalin.
    Christians have a duty to fight for justice. Check the Beatitudes and read the prophets. There really are terrible injustices that destroy the soul and the body. People were created to be free even in the true north of the True North Strong and Free. Gay