Friday, September 2, 2011

Fight back. Wear a skirt.

Sept.02, 2011
    In California they are proposing a law that employees can be forbidden to require men to dress like men. In California public schools Gender Spectrum is determined to make children think that boy and girl don’t mean anything anymore, and that it’s no longer normal to believe people are born male or female or have different roles. Sounds looney left, far away and extreme? Maybe but don’t forget that Saskatchewan sex education pushed into the province in 1978 began in Annaheim, California. Did you really think that it was introduced and instigated by a committee of Catholic and public school teachers as described in the foot notes?
    Why should we be surprised or disturbed at men not dressing like men when women have been dressing drag for forty years? Women teachers are in the classroom with pants and even jeans. So why not men teachers in a skirt? We naturally rebel at the idea but logic is not on our side.
    There is a lovely jig DVD from Manitoba. The fiddlers male and female are all wearing identical orange and black cowboy clothes including pants. Dale Evans dressed Western as did her husband Roy Rogers but there was no confusion who was Dad and who was Mom.  Now women politicians and pages  wear pants in the legislature. Women lawyers wear pants as do women doctors, accountants et c et c et c. When a women thinks that they don’t look like a lawyer or politician unless they wear pants they are saying this is really a man’s job that I’m trying to do. Their dress rather their non- dress behaviour is saying women can try to be men, not women as women have something to offer in legal and legislative matters.
    Women in orchestras wear dress black pants not dress black skirts. Does it looke more unified than in the past ? Of course not. It looks like the women feel they don’t belong unless they masquerade as men. It creates a jarring boredom.
    There was a perfume ad that my girl friend ( friend who is female) and I used to like:. “ Want him to be more of a man? Try being more of a woman.” That didn’t stop us from running out of the boys’ school doors to the ball diamond because we had a better chance at scrub. We weren’t trying to be boys. We just wanted to play ball. When the teacher threatened us that we would be assigned to that door permanently we took it as intended, as a threatened punishment .
    One of the casualties of the forty year unisex pandemic is the tom boy has become obsolete. A tom boy is a girl who likes playing games and work normally assumed to be male. Girls were girls who liked playing ball or soccer. They were not required to give up their sexual identity to play ball . Now it is very threatening for a girl to pick up a hockey stick or a boy to decorate a cake. Who wants to abandon their gene code over an activity? And no matter how many looney laws are passed a person is a male or female in every cell of their body. Self mutilation, counselling, student led pressure groups, leacherous adults and dress drag doesn’t change it. Put a hair, a finger nail, or skin cell on a powerfully enough microscope and one sees that the male is still a male (xy chromosone), the female is still a female.(xx chromosone )
    You don’t want to see a male teacher, male nurse or police officer wearing high heels and a mini skirt ? Fight back. Put on a skirt, forget the butch hair cut and the suit jacket. Let Land’s End know you won’t buy male clothes for the men in your life in the latest catalogues full of pink with male models strolling hand in almost hand..If you have a job that requires a uniform lobby for a female version as in dress.  Women used to wear skirts in the army and the country survived. Women with the noble vocation of homemaker used to wear  house dresses. Their lives and dress said “ We’re proud to serve as women being women.” Gay