Thursday, September 1, 2011

More whistle blowing

    A nail in a board left at random  is a serious health hazard. A rotting dock with about ten nails sticking up head first while children are swimming is alarming. If a head first nail punctures a hand, foot or leg the person is trapped until he yanks free causing major tearing and bleeding . I went swimming at the Tax Funded Culture camp and by far the most dangerous event was side stepping the nails. Fortunately this was not in my going blind period. The dock splits at the middle and little four year olds who could not swim were straddling the abyss. The adults were up the hill enjoying a pre- drink or post- drink period. But everything is presumed  okey because this is tax funded through the municipality and the band. If it was the Allelujiah Bible Camp or Camp Commitment the event would have been shut down.
    There is a nice family from America who own land up the lake and they use that dock. They also have small children.The Rec. Director who insists that she is still the Rec.Director by whose authority we know not “ran” that camp and blames the Americans for the bottles off the dock. Ahem. She told Councellor Caswell that she would have the Cultural Camp even if she didn’t get paid.It would seem she should have the opportunity to prove it. After all when the rest of us have family reunions we don’t expect the tax payer to fund it. And the municipality and band are not open to law suits
    Today I went to the La Ronge to see the Director of Education to ask what is Regina’s policy on public schools having poker rallies.. He was out but the secretary said that I should go to Northern Lights School District because “ they own all the schools in the North.” She did add but not the reserve schools. I did add but not the independent schools.  I went to the school board that covers more than half the province. The new director was in but somehow I thought I was going to sit here all day and not get an answer.  Gambling is a serious addiction in the North and it does seem the private sector is providing this activity quite well. But the secular school run by the Rec. Director started having poke rallies on Saturday whenever we put up a notice for St. Mary’s Club. Is it also the policy that children attend poker rallies?
    At what point do parents have a right to fair comment? To free speech? To voicing public concern? At the point where adults are drug suppliers to their children? We understand from direct sources that Eugene McLeod, former mayor made available drugs to some of our children. We understand that Lawrence Buekert made available drugs to some of our children. We understand that the person who is suing me made available drugs to some of our children through direct and/ or indirect means. A judge said that I wasn’t to defame him anymore but never defined what is defamation or how I defamed him in the past. He and his lawyer define it as mentioning his name. I am not sure what his real name is so I just refer to him as Mr. Delete. He was the Crown Prosecutor who convinced two rookie RCMP to arrest me on a civil not criminal issue. Drug use, distribution and selling is illegal. Asking for a trial before conviction in a civil matter is not.  Gay