Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just a little journey

    Pope Benedict XVI apologised on behalf of Cradle Catholics that we did not evangelise. Well obviously Cradle Catholic BenedictXVI evangelised all his life. However we are not Cradle Catholics and we have worked at sharing the Truth that we had since we became Christians and especially since we became Catholics officially in Easter 1997.
    Here is a little of a little missionary journey to La Ronge. On Thursday’s mail a mission box from Illinois did not arrive. John phoned the post office and asked why it was not put in the mail. Apparently the person who was going to sign for it got bullied out of this simple task. He said “ I want to work at the mine, get a house and a car for my family.” Doing a little errand for us would be a threat to that? Chief Tammy Cook Searson determines who gets hired at the mines. Not a good idea for the  mines or for the people.wanting to work.
    John made it very clear that we still wanted the box . The post office made it clear that they would not send it back. Saturday morning John went to pick up the box. It had been sent back to Illinois on Friday morning.
    Members of Parliament get free postal service. That includes that people don’t have to use stamps to mail them a letter. Two letters to former MP’s were returned to us. The post office stated that we had to PAY to get these returned letters!  Woweee. We don’t have to check the news to know that there is a provincial election and the NDP aren’t winning.
    Most of the personnel at the post office.are very accomodating and kind to us. However there is obviously at least one staff member who uses her position to play political vendattas. Does the union really protect this kind of nonsense?
    We sent out a box by bus. Good idea. We went to buy vegetables to augment our good but not perfect garden on the 56th parallel. Lots of garden books don’t even consider where we live a garden zone. Our canning is a ticket to self sufficiency and builds the emergency food supply depot.
    We have been praying many novenas to Ste. Philomena for a new van. After the vegetables stop the van shook, rattled, bounced all over the road and ceased up with a clang. Our good Samitarians were three young fellows who gave us a diagnosis, lots of suggestions and could no more. The few town mechanics were out.  Thanks to a donation from the mail we were able to get a taxi to take us and the vegetables home.
    We are 45 or  175 km from a jug of milk, a dozen eggs, any medical help et c. We are 800 km from an aeroport to go on a trip or pick someone up. We have various consistent errands in the village that need a vehicle. We just used up our second 15 passenger Ford van. The person who paid for the first two has passed away. He promised that his heir and estate would continue to help the mission. That isn’t being honoured but we are very grateful for the help in the past.
    We have no second home and savings waiting for us. My MLA pension long since has been used up on the mission. We have put ourselves, our resources, our abilities however seemingly inadequate to restore and spread  Catholicism in the North. We are the only Catholic school in the entire North of Saskatchewan. We know with the help of the Holy Spirit and many people including the person who sent us a box from Illiniois and the teacher who sent us a donation that paid for a taxi that we are making a difference in people’s lives. Don’t you think it is possible that the Pope would be happy if you helped us get our third van? It’s an integral part of spreading the Gospel. God Bless and thanks for your help . Gay