Monday, September 19, 2011

Municipality endorse conflict -of - interest

September 19,2011
    In the Northern Municipalities Act it clearly states the guidelines for conflict of interest situations. Would you think that voting yourself $600 a month for a job that doesn’t need doing a conflict of interest situation?  Would you think that making sure that your wife and daughter get $600 a month each for a job that doesn’t need doing a conflict of interest?
Not only is it a conflict of interest situation but the administrator and the northern municipality office endorses, promotes and protects conflict - of -interest situations.
    Surprise , surprise. The municipality and the local advisory committee are not running the northern municipality of Brabant Lake. Northern Lights School Division is.  Northern Lights School Division is incensed that their political officer and henchmen Joyce McLeod was voted out , not by her personally, but by her position being removed.  The last time to my knowledge that Mrs. McLeod went to school was at our kitchen table. She was working on a grammar book for grades 2 and 3. Since she was helping us on various projects while I was teaching her and others Northern Lights made sure that she was turned as a good agent for them.
    She has been running the secular school. You can see how much that school values education and the people of the community that someone with a grade three standing is suppose to prepare people for academic life. However the purpose of the school is not to teach anyone anything but to help them fit into useful northerners: that is drug users and dealers, welfare recipients and doing what the Higher Ups Want. What the Higher Ups want is to maintain power no matter who is elected in Regina. The fact that Mrs. McLeod is not an independent voice makes her very useful.
    Mr. Wealth of Experience Randy Braatan thinks it is a coflict - of - interest that John  Caswell is elected when I happen to be his wife and have been for forty years. He wanted Eugene McLeod to have a meeting to stop this. He thought that John’s position on council should be eliminated because I might influence him. These things do happen after forty years. It is perfectly acceptable that Eugene McLeod and Lawrence Buekert built a town hall that needs to be rebuilt, wasted three years on a rink that they never finished, plundered town resouces including gave themselves a free standing part of the old town hall, all the lumber et c. It is so acceptable that Eugene’s wife gets to run things and to stop us from having events. Meanwhile Joyce phones up while drinking and tells me that she has reported that John Caswell stopped the furnace from running.
    Joyce gets money to buy Christmas presents for the people she likes and/or who comply with her plunder. She, via the government, always buys John a very expensive gift
 ( about $50) and makes sure that there is not a shrivelled oranged for me. The northern protocol involving fingernails hasn’t even been a temptation because we have never figured out whom she is insulting.
    While she gets paid $600 a month minimum  for nothing while her husband works at the mine she is suppose not to stop us from doing things and having events. That is highly unlikely since that is her job.  The administrator implied that we could get paid for teaching people grade 12.  We’ve been teaching people for 16 years and never have got a cent. The administrator of course has no authority in education and it was just her last slap on the way out . I did not attend the meeting because I like to mind my own business which is teaching. I intend to attend the next one. That should create a lot of postponements. Gay