Monday, September 19, 2011


September 19,2011
    You will note in this 16 year battle to maintain and develop a Catholic school not once did we insist, demand or even hint that it would be preferred that the secular school be closed. When we came the secular school had been closed for three years and only four students of a possible 20 came. It was opened because Northern Lights needed a place for a teacher with a serious drug problem. She told me that I was not really suppose to teach, that the community only wanted a baby sitter. She also told me that the students can’t learn.
    The secular school would have been closed long ago except we were here so they couldn’t let a Catholic school go unchallenged. As a former director of education said “ Northern Lights is afraid of precedence.” In other words if you let educational choice in one community people will start thinking that they have a right to educational choice. There are intensely Catholic communities all over the North who do not have one proper Catholic text book or have any teacher trained in a Catholic tradition.  We have never wanted the secular school closed because we don’t want to hear that” you can’t impose your religion on students when they have no choice.”
    But it is apparently all right to impose illiteracy, drugs, evolution as a fact, atheism, nihilism.and social trivia on a community.
A neighbour seriously let me know that she was waiting for us to leave or at least close down the school so her child could go to school. The Northern Lights teacher came about the twentieth of August and then left until today. When Administrator  Ms. Antoniuk pushed through the maintenance of the rec. director position it was considered that she was protecting the Northern Lights School from us. The Rec. Director as we stated really is there to stop people  from going to the Catholic School, It has nothing to do with providing service to the community or encouraging others to have community events. When Antoniuk implied that we could be paid for teaching grade 12 equivalency she was giving us a sop that she knew she couldn’t deliver . She no doubt drove back to La Ronge thinking that she had served the goal of stopping the Catholic  school and making the world safe for the mediocrity of monopoly.
    I never recall any little community where a teacher or a school board could say “ I refuse to teach unless this family or that person is out of the community.” Northern Lights and teacher Rose Campbell have been saying that for about three years now.
To them a school isn’t a service. It is a means to boss.
    What happened today was scandalous corruption in which the La Ronge municipal office blatantly pushed people to act in an unethical and yes, illegal matter. Of course people understand that it is wrong to give yourself or direct family members government money. But it was considered totally acceptable because the monopoly of education indiffernce has to be protected.
    Let us get this straight. I think that you heard this before. CATHOLIC SCHOOLS HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST AND CATHOLIC SCHOOLS HAVE A RIGHT TO BE CATHOLIC.
    What happened today was the La Ronge controllers showed how far that they would go in protecting their hatred of choice, competition and education in moral absolutes. Sorry the laws of Canada are applicable in northern Saskatchewan too. Even the Northern Municipality Act is applicable to northern municipalities.
    Remember SaskParty when you used to say “O tolerance to corruption.” Did that
end at 2007 or south of Waskesiu? Gay