Thursday, September 22, 2011

A clear and present danger

     The obvious and first victim of abortion is the child. He suffers violence, fear, pain and a bloody and untimely death. The second victim of abortion is the mother. She suffers many physical, mental and spiritual problems . She also may die from the procedure immediately. However the victims don’t stop there.  A woman who has chosen abortion or has been pushed into abortion is a potential threat to everyone she encounters.
    Abortion is an act of violence and the scene of the crime is inside one of the participants of the violence. She cannot forget the scene, the act and the consequences. Every part of her being carries the story and the scars. This causes intense anger and hurt. That anger is a land mine that can explode many, many times. Screaming and yelling occasionally is one of the less lethal explosions.
    What about the woman doctor who has had an abortion to facilitate her completion of medical school? How will this effect her attitude and treatment to women and their babies? What resentment and reproach will she feel when encountering women who are willing to undergo difficult, untimely pregnancies? She may feel jealousy but often will respond by contempt and a desire to manage the woman into her choices.
    What about the woman lawyer, or  the woman judge who has chosen abortion, the most illogical, extreme and obvious unjustice? How is she going to react to women who have been vocal in their opposition to this injustice? Sometimes it seems that there are no limits to the hatred that the abortion- participant woman has to the pro- life woman.  In addition these abortion- participant women in positions of authority and influence often work to turn that position into a position of power. She expressed power to kill her baby but she was left powerless. She becomes ambitious and so desperate for success that she will abandon ethics, honesty, family and friendship to achieve her goals.  What does this do to the many others who are mowed down in her continual attempt to climb higher?
    Often the anger and hurt is so intense these women choose to turn the anger inward because they do not want to hurt others. They want to punish themselves by not eating, not participating in life, by being on the brink of suicide until they possibly succumb. It is a long known and established fact that abortion causes breast cancer.  Cancer and many other diseases are exacerbated or caused by anger and guilt.
    One unmentionable that needs to be mentioned many times are the men who become involved with homosexuality, pornography and even  pedophilia because a woman carrying his child has killed his son or daughter. I can think of no more serious attack on manhood than having your unborn child killed by the mother. The fact that the man often pushes the woman into the abortion and thus participates into his demise of manhood doesn’t change the result.
    Not every ambitious, professional woman has not been an abortion- participant. Not every woman who has expressed anger has not been an abortion- participant. That, I know personally. Also sometimes anger is the proper and moral expression which can lead to solutions of injustices.  Mother Theresa of Calcutta was noted for her compassion and to her inner circle, her temper. God will and does forgive abortion. He forgives, heals and restores. However when abortion - participants do not seek that forgiveness they are dangerous to themselves and others. Abortion destroys and keeps on destroying, over and over again.   Gay