Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Brother don't allow no singing round here

    One time I phoned Regina on Saturday concerning what we considered an emergency. The irate executive assistant let me know that my concerns were not welcome and that I should go to Randy Braatan in the La Ronge municipal office. He said that Randy has “ a wealth of experience.”  We noticed.
    In 1997 we bought the main school lot. In 1999 it was put up for sale by the municipality. Thanks to outrage by Northerners and money from the south we were able to buy the lot... again. Mr. Cliff Friesen, the administrator at the time wrote a letter in which he stated that the property is ours and that they, the municipal office, would see that we have title to the land. Years later we wrote the Municipal office and asked why we never have received the title as promised. Mr. Braatan said it is our sole responsibility to get the title. Now why didn’t some one tell the administrator eight years ago?
    We paid a thousand dollars for the chapel property. A year later Mr. Braatan sent back our $1000.00 and told us to tear down the church. We went to a meeting in which they had some toady person with a well known Catholic name as administrator for a short while. I said that I would die before I would take down a cross let alone the whole church. When I made this public that the government is now ordering people to destroy their own churches we had many incensed alarmed people from out of the country. Canadians are so proud of their freedom and peace record that it is hard for them to admit that the enemy is now at our gates and at the doors of our place of worship. The chapel is still standing. We don’t have the title to the property.
    We were on a good series of camps and had a week lull. We opened our mail and Mr. Braatan wrote us and told us to tear down our fence, cabins, and all property on our grounds. We made a thousand mile trip to Regina to talk to the Minister of Municipalities. He had a sister that was a nun and was cordial .. and NDP. The fence and all property is still intact and we have just finished getting things ready for the  next summer of camps . Fr. Blom, who opposes us because of differing views on moral issues.hopefully has finished doing his damage to our camps. By the way our moral view is the same one as the Pope’s.
    In the latest attempt to stop our school as witnessed by Monday’s meeting Braatan we gather is the main architect although others are not without culpability. Rec. Director Joyce McLeod presented a daily schedule for September which is pure fiction. According to the sheet she is busy here but in reality was on a trip for the secular school. The municipal office will sign her pay sheet no questions asked. The biggest school board in the province has a huge budget and is noted for waste and corruption that extends outside education. Braatan and company insist that the municipality pay for a person who works for the anti- Christian, not just secular, school board.
    I was just interrupted because one of our adult students had to use our phone to contact the police because her drunk relative was blaming her for our sometimes cooperation with two people who are councillors.
    The most disgusting scene on Monday was McLeod’s van at 8:30 am parked at these councillors’ home  buying  support from people that she doesn’t want in the hall..
    Do you think it is evil to sing “ O Canada”, “ God Save the Queen” and more? Well McLeod and company tell the children that they don’t want to sing and if they go to the mission school they’ll have to sing.  Our most succesful tool to teach children English, Fun and the Faith has been Mr. Caswell’s singing classes. Children could be heard singing all over town. But the drugs and belligerent crowd hate singing so they inform the children they do too. Maybe La Ronge and Regina should start realising the crowd their backing. Gay