Monday, September 26, 2011

Truth and Consequences

    Is there really such a thing as Truth? Real Truth what Francis Schaeffer called True Truth, not opinion, not options, not personal choice, not culturally determined but Real Authoritative Truth which thus has to be Revealed Truth?
    Is there really such a thing as Sin and Hell that is judgement for rejecting Truth? The Catholic Church throughout its 2000 year history as stated  there is Truth. We’ve got it because Christ who is Truth founded the Church. We have a responsibility to preach it, teach it, live it and die for it if necessary. That is what Catholics have to believe or they are not really Catholic.
    That means of course there has to be Catholic schools that are Catholic. Of course parents can’t send their children to schools where the words right and wrong are seldom even used. That means that of course people who are not yet Catholic have to be taught in missions through a variety of means. There are no options. There are no cultural relativism outs.
    The Catholic Church teaches that there is sin, that it is definable, universal in its definition  and has consequences. What may be a sin for you may not be a sin for me simply isn’t true. Sin like Truth isn’t optional. It is really a sin or it isn’t.  The degree of culpability is God’s decision. Since there really is sin there has to be a means of getting rid of sin. Christ paid the price and the Church administers the solution. It’s called Confession. If there is no priest around one needs to have a talk with God and confess one’s sin UNTIL one can get to a priest and do so. That is what the Church teaches based on Scripture and Tradition. .
    That means if there is no priest, not this week, not this  month, not this year, not this decade people are dying in their sins.  How God determines and divides fault is up to Him. But the fact still remains people are living and dying in sin. People can’t face the evil that they have done and the evil that has been done to them. They lose their ability to have joy, to laugh, to sing, to trust others, to trust themselves. They have to live lies. They expect others to do the same.
    One expects non- Catholics to reject at least some of this belief in the necessity of Confession. Catholics have no option to reject it.  Catholics should understand when our teaching of the Faith is attacked and prevented, when priests are discouraged and forbidden to come , when camps centred around a priest are stopped people are being denied the opportunity to live with forgiven sin.  Yes, eventually we’ll have transportation and eventually we’ll get to a Mass and to a priest who will hear a quicky Confession but that is not the issue. We happen to be not the only sinners in the North.
    Not every one wants to come to Mass. Not everyone wants Confession. Not everyone wants to go to a camp with the Sacraments. Some will never want this. But no one will want what they have never been taught . Sure we get harassed, bullied, ridiculed, treated unfairly but that is not the issue. When we are stopped from teaching others are stopped from learning, that is learning  academics and the Faith.
    Truth is for everyone. The Faith is for everyone. Christ died for everyone. If you believe that then you should act on it. It should really bother you that some people are denied the Faith and the Sacraments. It should bother you to the point of wanting to  do something about it. Gay