Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Parent Bashing for Fun and Profit

October 3,2011
    Francis Schaeffer( died 1984) wrote a book ESCAPE FROM REASON published by Intervarsity Press about 1968. It was less than 200 pages and was a definitive explanation of the fall from a unity between faith and reason. It explained how  Hegel’s dialectic destroyed the concept of Truth and the spiral into despair of existentialism. It was an extremely important book and for many young people floundering into drugs, nihilism, communism or paganism it was a lifeboat. Many, many young  people returned to Christianity or were converted to Christianity because of that book . Other Schaeffer books were published and read including books by his wife Edith Schaeffer whose theology was completely compatible with her husband. Unlike many philosophers and theologians of the day the Schaeffers wrote to communicate not to mesmerise or impress. They were the antithesis of the heretic Teilhard de Chardin. Many, many young and old people including nuns and priests lost their faith due to Teillardism.
    The Schaeffers have daughters and in- laws who evangelise through various means. They have one son Franky Schaeffer who recently wrote a book in which he treats with disdain and contempt his father and the Christianity of his father. The book and his views are significant because he is the son of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. If it was not for his parents his views would be considered what they are , ho hum Christian morality bashing, rationalising personal vices et c. He is a supporter of Obama. Go figure.
    Martha Stewart is famous, has a TV programme, household goods line, her own magazine. Why? Because she has captured and marketed  the desire and passion people have to restore the craft and vocation of homemaking.  Like many women she is a convert to the joys of homemaking and did her stint in the boardrooms of the nation.  Her daughter whose name I can’t even remember recently wrote a book bashing her mother. She is making a lot of money and getting a lot of publicity over it.  Why? Because she is the daughter of a famous person.  If she was not Martha Stewart’s daughter she wouldn’t be getting rich and notorious.
    Recently I was a captive audience to a news story in which the reporter stated “IF THIS IS TRUE ( emphasis mine) this will be incredibly damaging.” Wouldn’t it be more ethical and a higher grade of journalism to check out the veracity of the daughter’s rant before making her a two week wonder?
     The Judeo- Christian culture and the Natural Law written in the hearts of Man teach that children should honour  their parents. It doesn’t mean adult children must agree completely with their parents but there should be a level of respect and an effort to protect their privacy and well being. People shouldn’t get information from children that they know they would not get from the parents.  We shouldn’t encourage children to denigrate their parents anymore than we should encourage lying, stealing or murder. There is usually no necessary purpose for this except gossip and a desire to put down someone who has influence and/ or wealth. It’s called envy and scandal mongering.
    Franky Schaeffer and the daughter of Martha are benefiting greatly from their parents as they have all their life including by their existence. It’s a cheap and nasty shot to bash your parents while you benefit greatly from who those parents are. Franky Schaeffer said his father’s God was mean and little. Franky’s attitude is one of a mean and little ingrate.