Friday, October 28, 2011

NDP supplies epidemic

October 28,2011
    An adult  A math student gets 17% in a math exam. Multiple choice: The reasons are or reason is : A. A plague of small pox is sweeping the North
             B. The teacher accidentally wrote the exam on the last chapter of the book.
             C. We ran out of pencils and the student couldn’t finish it.
                     D. The NDP election materials are about.
    If you answered are correct and have a firm grasp of Northern politics. The NDP know that it is not too smart to show up with a van full of booze and drugs in Brabant Lake as they have in the past. However they make sure that select people know that supplies are available in La Ronge. So how do they get from La Ronge to an outlying post? One way is the Rec. Director route. Same person, same game. A majority on council  can’t just oppose a position and have it erased if its part of the NDP / drugs network.
    The Rec. Director has her Hallowe’en free Bingo. You don’t even have to pay for $5 a card. She doesn’t have to break even on the prizes. The munipality pays for them. She says she doesn’t need a Bingo licence because the cards are free. Hmm, when we ran Bingos we were told we can’t give away free cards and we had to have a licence even though the prizes were  a jar of peaches et c. How rules quickly change or disappear in the North. She needs supplies from La Ronge so the Municipal office pays for her fuel. People come to the town hall to play Bingo and to get their share of election bribes. There is more than usual  activity at her son’s house aka Drug Store.
    Councillor John Caswell went in to ask her information so we could plan our All Saints’ Party . She wouldn’t give him more than a territorial  growl.  Not bad for someone who never had to be hired or elected. Just in case you’ve heard I never print criticism: Joyce McLeod says that I vandalise, steal and lie but she wouldn’t give me details.  No help in my next Confession there. After I was outside the hall she apparently phoned authorities to report my ....“ trespassing?” She was told that I have a perfect right to be in the hall because this is my community. When I came back after pinning up blogs at the store she wouldn’t let me be in two store rooms which have been always locked until recently. She said that this is where they keep their supplies so that is why they are locked. I doubt if broken pool cues were the valuables needing  protection. I was a little slow and didn’t begin an immediate search.
    Like the other recent elections I have seen no NDP election materials with words, agenda, platform but the whole community has evidence of an infusion of drugs and alcohol.
    Reality Check: The NDP are not going to win this election. In all likelihood they are not going to win Cumberland riding. NDP signs on telephone polls on Sask Housing empty lots are not going to get a vote. After 50 years of NDP provincial control Hordyski is on his way to securing this seat on a non- socialist ticket. Because the NDP and government has been so prevasive in the North there will be a lot of changes needed and there will be a lot of people besides the Member of the Legislature to make sure that these happen. The NDP elite are desperate.  They know their scams more than the rest of us. Booze and drugs are a small price to pay for what they are going to lose.
    If you’ve accepted their booze and/ or drugs, if you’re still under the influence come poll time the fact that they run their campaign this way is one of the best reasons to vote them out.  Gay.
    P.S. We appreciate the Christian content of the e- mails from Hordyski’s campaign manager. Gay