Saturday, October 29, 2011

STF: Hands off our summers

October 29,2011
    Premier Wall has stated that he will have no schools beginning earlier than after the Labour Day Weekend. That means that schools will not start between Aug.15-20 but not earlier than Sept.02. Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and the School Trustees are furious because he didn’t consult with them. That means he didn’t give them a chance to kibosh the plan. Trustees are elected by parents. Just who are they representing? The Premier didn’t consult with me either. That means we’re even.
    Our Lady of the North School begins the first school day after September 08, Ste. Mary’s Birthday. Since the school is in her honour we begin classes after a Marian Feast Day. Also gardening and canning are not hobbies but essential for our survival. It is also part of our mandate to teach by example to be self sufficient. Last year we had 199 teaching days. The secular school board begins in the middle of August and chalks up 187 days in which the teacher is in the classroom with or without pupils.  How do they even get in that many days?
    We have a holiday on Thanksgiving Monday. They have off the whole week. Why does an atheist school system need a week at Thanksgiving? Officially the school board recognises no one to thank about anything.
    A civilised democracy recognises the Primacy of God, the importance of the Family and the school and government as extensions of parental authority. Pupils are to be taught by the authority of parents as a service to families.
    In 1979 Laurier LaPierre said on his and Patrick Watson’s programme, This Hour has 7 Days “ the school is not an extension of the home. The home is the extension of the school.”  This was very shocking and spoke of totaliarian things to come. Teachers’ unions, NDP- Lib governments quietly, vigourously took this as their mandate . Laurier LaPierre was last heard in the Senate insulting people who were opposed to same- sex unions to be classified as marriage. Consistent.
    School schedules worked around the Church Calendar. There were Christmas Holidays which counting the weekend usually covered The Twelve Days of Christmas.. L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord goes back after Epiphany.( January07). There were Easter Holidays that began on Good Friday and at least covered the Octave of Easter. Some reserve schools also close on Holy Week. A good full two months of summer holidays didn’t cut into Church Camps, VBS and other Christian out reach activities.
    School schedules didn’t violate family holidays and family businesses. Some years farm boys would come back to school two weeks into September after helping with harvest. How did a farming province get a school year that begins in August? Answer: Rural communities aren’t NDP territory.
     In the North whole families would be helping in the tourist industry, living in a tent from June to September. Where do tourist camps get their guides and staff when the season is interrupted in August? School should be a buffer against the welfare system but such an irratic and extended school year encourages welfare and less work.
    Other School Reforms needed: 1. That the Consititution of Canada be respected so that Catholic schools are protected, are allowed to be Catholic and are equal in rights to Secular or Atheist Schools.
    2. The atrocity that institutions, churches and schools can not own or keep property unless registered with the Non- Profit Corporation Act and its affiliate anti- Christian civil servants be immediately scrapped. What totalitarian government today dares go so far as to have a policy that a group can’t buy, own and hold property if someone says something that a handful of civil servants don’t like? Gay