Sunday, November 27, 2011

Every Knee Shall Bow.

November 27,2011
    John did a very brave thing today. He went to Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Southend. Of course Southend is not the scary part and our beloved Church and parish O.L. of Mount Carmel is not the problem. Father Blom took him aside afterwards and said “ the Bishops want unity in worship. Therefore we should all stand. You should think about this.”
    Fr. Blom about three years ago let us know that we are not welcome in the parish.. He said this while he was stopping an exorcist from coming to our camp. Yesterday we listened to a tape set from the book AN EXORCIST TELLS HIS STORY by Gabrielle Amorth. The book is highly recommended and is featured in the latest issue of IT’S TIME newspaper coming out of Regina.   
    Now Father Blom who inherited a parish where everyone knelt has worked very hard to make sure that nobody kneels. His mentor was Fr. Nestor Gregoire who kicked me because I would not stand. He backed up the steps to make me stand like a person does who wants his dog to beg on his hind legs. I never went to Obedience School so I just kept kneeling.
    When I entered the Church on Holy Saturday 1997 in St. Jean Vianney Parish in La Ronge I took Communion for the first time from a lay person who gave it to me in my hand. Fr. Hermann was right there. It was such a degrading experience that I made a vow that I would always take Communion by mouth while kneeling. To date I have kept that promise.
    Fr. Blom did not mention what bishops? I thought of e- mailing His Grace Sylvain Lavoie and asking him if this is really his position. But I never know if the bishop answers his e- mails or he gives the job to Fr. Blom. There are a lot of “we” in the reply.  When in doubt about what the bishops say or should say go to the Bishop with the Triple Crown.  His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has made it very clear. He wants people to kneel and he wants them to take Communion by mouth.
      Fr. Amorth, the exorcist makes it very clear that kneeling is part of deliverence from demonic strongholds.   The devil cannot harm the person and participants  when they are kneeling.  He quotes Philippians2: 10 “ That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those thatarein heaven, on earth, and under the earth.” And also Roman14:10 and Isaiah45:23.
The person cannot be delivered unless he is willing to kneel. Is it time to ask people like Fr. Blom and his alleged bishops why are they opposed to kneeling? Those who follow the Bible, the Pope and the Wise Men don’t have to defend their position. The changes in the Liturgy are to bring back decorum and reverence in worship. If we can’t kneel in the Presence of Our Lord and Saviour what is wrong with us?
    I have been attacked because it appears to be difficult for me to kneel at times. Of course it is. It is difficult for the elderly, the pregnant, the sick to kneel. That in itself should show the lack of charity of the Stand- as- if- nobody- important- is- here crowd. There is a simple solution: Bring back Communion Rails. Churches build wheel chair accessible ramps when there is no one needing that service. In the name of Religious Freedom, Fairness and Respect for Others if you are not interested in revering Jesus couldn’t we restore the Communion Rails? As for John’s think about it. The devil doesn’t want you to kneel. The Pope does. Case dismissed. Gay