Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Memory of Elias Charles, murdered Nov.26,2003

November 26,2011
    This is the 8 th. Anniversary of the murder of Elias Charles.student of L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. Our son Nathan had come back from B.C. and his friend Elias was at our house visiting him until 12:30 a.m. I went to sleep concerned that Nathan could be a good influence to Elias .  At 1:30 I heard a voice yelling “ Gay, Gay. I didn’t do it!. I didn’t do it!” It was the voice of Elias. The issue is over, I thought and went back to sleep.
At noon I was making trays of Swedish meat balls. Nathan had gone for a run with the dogs. John phoned and said “ Bad news! Elias has committed suicide.” John had gone to see his remains and saw that he had been shot through the mouth, his hands were at his side. Elias’sawed off shot gun had been under the couch in the other room. James Cook kicked it with his foot to the middle of the floor. There it remained until the police came.
    Gideon Cook took Elias’ pulse and determined that there was none. Really?When there were slatter markson the wall behind.  It was not quite clear why Gideon knew to come to the home of Marjorie and Adam Charles and he was never asked to explain his presence there. He never is asked to explain anything. There was no evidence that Elias had committed suicide but Gideon got that story out all over Brabant and Southend before logic or fear set in. It’s always safer to follow the lead story .
    At the enquiry Nathan made it clear that Elias was not suicidal. Brother Joshua faxed a statement from Chicago stating the same thing.  Mrs. Amelia McKenzie and Mabel Charles went to clean up the room after the police were through with the inspection. Mabel said that she found a Bible and rosary under Elias’ pillow..  This made Constable Beuttner very angry. He said that if they were there they would have found them. Stories began to circulate that L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord was going to be shut down. The line was since we were a Christian school Elias had committed suicide because he was a homosexual and the Christian influence drove him to it. Ergo the school was to blame.  There was no evidence that Elias was a homosexual and I don’t think we had ever got around to discussing the subject.
    At the funeral his aunt wiped a bloody tear from his body. She said that it was evidence that Elias was telling us that he was  murdered.
    When Staff Sergeant John B. Mansbridge met with me in the Southend detachment he went on and on that it is perfectly logical for a person to have his arms by his side after he shot himself in the face. I wasn’t buying the story and mentioned a few times that it is very difficult for a dead person to hide a gun under the couch in the other room. He went on to ask over and over “ What would make me happy?” I said I don’t need to be happy. I’m already Gay. I thought that was funny. He was furious. Apparently he wasn’t used to people turning down bribes.
    At every new batch of mounties I brought up the issue of the murder of Elias Charles as more evidence piled up. Nothing has ever been done about it. I don’t talk to the mounties about it anymore . Yet murder cries out to God. His file is never closed on the issue.
    No one is required to believe that Elias called to me immediately after he was murdered. No one is required to believe a treated body can weep blood to tell us something. But no one with an ounce of common sense and basic logic can believe that a person can have is arms by his side and the gun in the next room after his brains were blown away.
    We pray for the repose of your soul Elias and those of your Mother and Father.  We pray for your help in bring justice to the North and for protection of your school.  Gay