Friday, November 25, 2011

The Drug- Paedophile Operation

November 25,2011
    A true story not quite from the past:
    About 7 years ago when we were working on one of our best Christmas Concerts I broke my ankle. In one of the final rehearsals. No extra  speaking was allowed. As director I was giving direction from a chair my one crutch by my side , the other used by “ Tiny Tim.” Tiny Tim , a very agile 14 year old, was on stage when he shouldn’t be so I gave him a shove on his back to have him get going. In a few days we had our very best rendition of Dicken’s Christmas Carol and wished that we had recorded it so MBC Radio could have played it. Sixty- eight days later two mounties came to the door charging me with assault under the Criminal Code. What happened before and during those 68 days?
    Our Tiny Tim had been stolen from relatives who had been given his care by his mother. He had become the official foster child of two drug dealers who used him in the trade. I had gotten tired of their drug dealing and bootlegging especially when I discovered joint ends in the morning in the school and evidence that this boy had been there. He was not allowed to use drugs but was used to transport drugs. I phoned Social Services to tell them that this foster child is being used in the drug trade by his foster mother. I phoned the RCMP. My information was treated with absolutely no confidentiality and as usual nothing was done by the RCMP or Social Services....I thought.
    For legal immunity this boy was taken to Prince Albert on several trips and used in sex orgies by Judge Bekolay and others. The Northern network of drugs- paedophilia run by an elite wasn’t content with that.  They naturally have seen and do see  our presence in the North as a threat. We did not recognise all their names from the Saskatoon Left but they certainly knew us and knew we were Trouble. This boy had been one of the school’s great successes. His foster parent pulled him from school only after the mounties charged me,68 days later after a shove in a rehearsal.
    It became apparent that actually letting this go to court would reveal too much and there was no hope of a conviction even though the charge had been modified and officially changed without my knowledge. No charge, no court, no conviction. Yet the Southend police have told parents of students and clergy “ that I abused somebody.”  This is not surprising given their crown prosecutor and “legal expert.”
      This hysteria about parents and teachers touching anyone either in  proper affection or in discipline has no basis in law. There never has been a law outlawing corporal discipline yet thousands of parents, families and teachers who care enough have been destroyed by social workers, paedophile lawyers, judges and other professionals.  We recall a huge poster in the Sturdy- Stone Social Services office  attacking Christian Anita Bryant who had taken a stand against homosexuality and had her career ruined. Children are being taken away from parents and teachers and schools are being destroyed because paedophiles can’t get at children until their protectors and defenders are discredited. Children are seduced from their parents and proper schools so that they are open to drugs and sexual exploitation. Parents in the North have been terrified to act like parents. Thus their children are sexually abused, become drug users and dealers,  commit suicide or are murdered at someone’s convenience.