Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Cocaine Club in Control

November 22,2011
    While talking to an ally on the west side she said “ I asked a neighbour to help me about drugs. “He said “ I can’t go to the police about a drug dealer. Our four children are doing drugs.” Having four children doing drugs is not a reason to be silent. It is four of the very best reasons to oppose drugs and expose the drug dealers and their protectors. That comment is also indicative of how we have lost the parents’ role of authority and enforcer. Parents at best, hope that their children will be their buddies, at least a little.
    Brian McKenzie went to the Nov.08 LAC meeting and publicly complained about one of the local municipal employees being “ the biggest drug dealer” in town.  Now it may be debatable who deserves that title. Brian is a local who has been away.  When Brian McKenzie and Gay Caswell start talking about the same thing there is an obvious real issue. We greatly differ in lifestyle, actions, and just about everything else. There is no one who would more likely know who are the players in the cocaine  club.  However he got the same brush off from Antoniuk as I get “ If you have information about drugs go to the police.”
    Maybe it’s time that real issues are discussed at LAC meetings such as why is  going to the police about drugs useless?  Why doesn’t the administrator talk to the police and tell them that she and council expect the laws of Canada to be enforced particularly in the area of drugs ? It would be useless for a councillor to put forth such a motion because we have learned that no motion not approved by the administrator can go forward as in the attempt to get rid of the rec. director position.
      For months, I have had all the classic symptoms of a cocaine environment: burning eyes, running nose, unexpected and unaccountable tears, burning lips, itchy skin. But I thought how can this be? The school and home are cocaine free... after about three years of work. I went to the home of two students. The environment and the adults were NOT cocaine free. I heard some accusations, to get in the good graces of a major leader of the cocaine club I assume. The next day at school the students were not there.  That made us very sad. However at the end of the day my second hand cocaine symptoms were gone or going. These children were not doing cocaine.. at least not willingly. Yet they brought a cocaine environment into the school. Maybe the views and evidence of  Brian, Gay, John et c. should be heard. Maybe little children should be allowed to breathe, be calm, and to have a peaceful and consistent environment at home and at school. 
    It specifies in the regulations of Sask. Housing Corporation that a public house should not be used for criminal activity;that means for activity that the laws of Canada call criminal such as on going involvement in the drug trade. In this election year it meant you get a proper house, get legal immunity if you vote NDP and do as the elite of the La Ronge Cocaine Club state. 
    Meanwhile rec. director #2 phoned the school in classroom hours and asked for one of the adult students. It was something about “supplies.”  We’ve had some no shows this morning.  Gay