Sunday, November 20, 2011

A province half free and half enslaved

November 21,2011
    It hurts when the North went orange and the rest of the province went Green. The Northern Elite is goings through the stages of grieving for the loss of their influence, facing a world where not only are they out of step with the rest of the province but that this time they cannot hide behind the bush barrier where the rest of the province lets them do whatever they want. They are passing from denial to rage at the impending death of their elite lifestyle. We are getting the full brunt of their anger and it isn’t pretty. Apparently according to them I am solely to blame for the defeat of Dwayne Lingenfelter. As much as I like the flattery there is reality. However there doesn’t seem to any limits at the rage against us. Consider, as they say in the legislature, it read.
    Now for the important issues. There cannot be a province where one half of the province has rights, has laws that the other do not. Here is a partial list.
    South of Prince Albert drugs are illegal as they are in the rest of Canada. In the North drugs are also illegal but people are made to understood that anyone who opposes drugs, informs on drugs , does not facilitate drugs is in danger of losing their job, their home, their their life. There will be no legal protection. Health care will be denied to them. Virtually every difficulty we have had stems from our opposition to drugs. Of course that it was publicly known by the elite that we were NOT NDP but being an enemy of the NDP in the North is being opposed to drugs. When we were in Brabant Lake for the first three weeks in 1996, I was informed that my life is in danger because I opposed drugs while teaching in the secular school. Things really haven’t changed except they’re running out of people they can order to kill us.. There are children ten to 13 years old who have  dropped out of school and became drug users. Children are used to transfer drugs, pick up drugs and deliver drugs.
    South of Prince Albert people have educational choice. This is no small matter . When there is only one school system it is not so obvious that children can’t read, that people are graduating without being able to do grade four math . At L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord we have shown people that they can learn and excell. Without saying anything it is a reproach to the other schools. It also is very beneficial to them but they don’t always thank us.
It is very obvious in the first hour of school while doing math who is on drugs and who is not. Since drugs must be protected the standards are decreased to hide the use.
    South of Prince Albert people have religious freedom. One can use a public building, build a chapel, have a priest and camps without being harassed in numerous ways. It is not always smooth sailing but no one from a government office tells you you can’t have a priest in your home, you have to destroy a chapel. You can’t sing songs. Rec.directors aren’t hired to destroy mission activities and to keep the drugs flowing.
    South of Prince Albert there is rule by law, not rule by a political officer trained in the Sol Alinsky style, not rule by Administrators taking direction from a controlling elite. If something is illegal it is illegal for everybody. If it is legal it is legal for everybody. While more and more people are controlled by drugs more and more people can be bribed and black mailed by drugs. Who will be busted for drugs is who offends the elite. Therefore the elite can order people on all aspects of individual and parental decision making. The elite rattles a chain and the drug enslaved person obeys.  That is how the North is run and that is what must be stopped. Gay