Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Municipal Office vs The Law

November 16,2011
    The preamble of the Northern Municipality Act and the Municipality Act states that the purpose of Council is to promote public morals. Ahem. Excuse me. Missed this one.
One of the minimum reguirements it would seem is to have a respect for the laws of the province and the country.
    The Administrator of Brabant Lake who lives 175 km away and 396 light years away from the culture, needs, income and people of the community has a campaign to rid the North of L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. Don’t go to sleep yet even though this is extremely repetitive.  For the last 16 years the La Ronge Regional  municipality office has never acknowledged the right of the school to exist. When we bought property in the school’s name they tried to sell our property by tender. When we had more students than the secular school we were persecuted. When we duly filled out forms forever we were persecuted. When we had certificates, registration numbers, inspection visits  et c we were persecuted. When we explained numerous laws to them we were persecuted. The municipal boss is the NDP, hard core political officers who still believe the DNS line exists and the secular school board. What is irrelevant is human rights, The British North America Act including the Charter of Rights which together  is Canada’s Constitution, the Education Act of Saskatchewan and the 1905 Act which formed Saskatchewan and Alberta.
    The Secular School Board went to the Regina government and said “ We won’t tolerate a Catholic School . We were formed to drive out Catholic education in the North.” Now this is a blatant confession that a school board has an agenda and purpose against the laws, history and traditions of the country.  Did this disturb the education toadies? Oh no. It made them promise to help them. It also gave a clear indication that Northern Lights Schools may well be subversive in more ways than one.
    The Charter and BNA Act clearly state that parents have a prior right to choose the education of their children.  What has the Municipality and their Administrators done to promote or even protect parental choice?. Absolutely nothing.  Every student who has gone to L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord and has left, has left  under coercion, coercion from people like the Rec. Director who is a political player for the Municipality and other government agencies. The Municipality has no authority and expertise about education but has been the most blatant offender of educational rights. Every dollar spent on Rec. Director programmes has been not only an attack on the school but on all aspects of the mission.  As John Caswell states they have done nothing except steal our initiatives, programmes and activities minus any Christian content. On what basis, given the mandate of the Municipalities to promote public morals, have they the right to fund according to a thorough attack on Christianity including the Ten Commandments?.
    For the Administrator there are two families that are important in the community,the two families most complicit in the drug trade. The Administrator response to the policy that two supply room should be accessible to councillors has now been changed so that those apparently conveying supplies of drugs and alcohol for electoral and other purposes  will now have their very own cabinet with a lock and key accessible to them. All this for Javex? Hardly.
    The NDP has had a consistent policy that drugs should be legalised. The position of the socialists in the North is that drugs are protected in the North no matter what the laws of the country and this will eventually ensure their legalisation. Their goal is not unlike North Vietnam eventually consuming South Vietnam.
    Once the NDP were defeated 55 to 8. In ten years the NDP were back. The NDP have been defeated in 49 seats. They are still in control of the civil service, the courts and the North. The Municipal office is protecting drugs, attacking Christianity and Catholic education.  The clean- up must begin. Gay