Monday, November 14, 2011

Political Drug Spill

November 14,2011
    I assure you that the Administrator of Brabant Lake who probably makes even more than a gold miner has made it abundantly clear that everyone is innocent of drug dealing, drug and booze transporting and abuse of their position. The only person in the wrong is Gay Caswell who is a nutto, and rambles on and on about things that happened twenty years ago. The administrator will not talk to me but I must go through my husband who just brings up issues to placate his wife who has a run away imagination. Her rec. director says I lie, cheat and steal and rifle through files and snoop. Therefore it must be true.
    Let’s review current events. There was an election. The score was SaskParty49, NDP 9. That means that the SaskParty won. There were two of seven seats that the NDP should not have won but they did. The North has more reason to reject the socialists than anyone else. In one of our ‘historic ‘ science text books. there is a map of Saskatchewan with the mineral rich areas of the North clearly marked. The text book is fifty years old. So why were not all these mineral deposits not turned into lucrative mines? The answer is the CCF- NDP were in power . And why are those mine opening in the last few years? The answer, in the main ,is the SaskParty is in power and has no intention of stealing other people’s mines, companies and legitimate profit. That is why Northerners have a chance at $42 /hr. and up jobs with specific job training opportunities.
    Communities, individuals and families are being destroyed  by drugs . The administrator says by implication this is my fantasy. If I really had evidence of drug dealing I should go to the police. I have written, faxed, talked, illustrated drug information for sixteen years. The reason why the police do nothing because smart people like the administrator don’t believe, officially, there is a drug problem. No person in the communities who wants to do something about drugs is treated seriously. They, like me, are treated as the problem. Unlike me they have less resources to fight the distain and threats. If someone retaliates by my death it is not going to be a closed file marked suicide.
    We have a friend who works in a lumber yard in British Columbia. Everyday. He is tested for drugs. We have a friend who works for a company at Fort McMurray. If there is a slight accident immediately the participants are tested for drugs. Why no drug testing in mines in Saskatchewan? I am not concerned about uranium but I am concerned about uranium miners and truckers who are doing drugs. If drugs are not outlawed in the mining sites there will be plenty of accidents. Worse a whole lot of that money will go into drugs . Drug problems will become O.D. problems and more violence will occur. People are going to be able to make enough money to kill themselves and each other faster. And nobody seems to care. Our riding was won by booze, drugs and massive electoral fraud.( More later) So is Doyle Vemette going to stand up in the Legislature and demand a crack down on drugs? Hardly.
    Current events review. Cumberland did not go SaskParty. The SaskParty has 49 seats and lots of energetic MLA’s . It is a very good time to get serious about cleaning up the North. That includes drugs. That includes stopping the official drug protection ( and in some cases involvement) of La Ronge civil servants. No SaskParty MLA exists to be afraid of the publicity and political retaliation. Seize the opportunity. Please. These are Our people being destroyed. Gay