Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where fetal soup is recommended

November 09,2011
    Edward Roche of CHALLENGE magazine wrote about a trip to a Catholic area in China. He wrote “ What about China’s one child policy? The man said ‘It does not exist.’ ”
Now how about that as an example of a Catholic journalist used as a propaganda tool for the  most  vicious totalitarian regime in the world.? Yes there are areas in China where the Catholic Faith and Faithful are so strong that the Population police can do litte. However to give the impression that this is the exception not the rule is what the Communists call
 “ Useful idiots.” I didn’t call him that. That is what Communists call Western apologists who they can use to further their aims and to hide their actions.
    Mark Miravelle has written a book THE SEVEN SORROWS OF CHINA.
( 2007) Queenship Publishing Company. Here are some actual quotes from that book:
“ Communist Government officials and Population Police construct and enforce the general mandate that a Chinese couple can have only one child. Each province and district is granted a certain quota of children by the Government. Local authorities must utilize Population Police to ensure that the local quota is not exceeded otherwise local authorities pay the price with their jobs. ( pages 1 and 2)
    ‘ A couple must go to the hospital with their permission certificate to deliver their child. If they arrive at the hospital without the permission certificate, hospital officials contact the Population Police. At this point the Police decide, based on the circumstances of the family and the history of the couples, what is to be the fate of the family. The child will be injected with poison on the spot. Or the couple will be fined and their home burned down.
( page 29)
    ‘ New macabre manifestations of this conscienceless abortion mentality include the recent openingof five regions in the region of X, which began serving ‘ fetal soup’ at the price of 300 Yuan ( approximately $40) a bowl! Recent medical publications have praised the exceptional health benefits for the consuming of ‘fetal remains’(this jargon allows them to overlook what this really is___ unborn baby bodies).” (Pages 30- 31)
    There is the real Catholic Church in China with bishops, priests and nuns loyal to the Catholic Church Teaching and to the authority of the Pope. This is the Underground Church. Then there is the Patriotic Church which is controlled and created by the government. They choose the so called bishops, priests and nuns. They must tow the party line including the advocacy of abortion, sterilisation and contraception. Some Patriotic nuns operate an abortion clinic outside their convent.  Many of the faithful do not know that the Church condemns these things because the teaching has been surpressed.
    “ One priest is known to have been arrested and severely beaten, including being stomped on his chest resulting in broken ribs and having to be hospitalized. He has always escaped, one time when going to the toilet, one time from the hospital et c. These arrests are because of pressure from the Government for him to join the official, or Patriotic, Church....
    Underground priests live on the run going from house to house, subjected to arrest and beatings.  Often they are unable to lead a regular life of daily prayer, spiritual reading , et c. Often their formation has been clandistine and deeply inadequate. (Page 52).
    There is much more in this little 93 page book.  The publishers may be contacted ats 800-647-9882, 805-967-5133 Fax: 805-967- 5133, . Order in bulk. Distribute them widely.Pray for China and act. Gay