Friday, November 4, 2011

Where have all the Liberals gone

November 04, 2011
    Where have all the Liberals gone? Certainly they’re not on any ballot in this provincial election. The right thinking ones have long since joined the Conservative- Sask Party Crowd. The others are working very hard to entrench themselves with the NDP so after the Lingenfelter free fall there will be a new political party controlled they hope by the Liberals.
    Last spring I was begging a lawyer “ friend”of forty years,to pick up the phone and contact the La Ronge Court House so I could have a postponement until after my cataract operation. I was also being threatened with jail if I did not appear. He sweetly said that he thought I needed a holiday and would do nothing.  I went to court in the blinding snow and then suffered the flourescent lights of the Southend Youth Centre.  The judge did not appear. I was very legitimately concerned that a nerve in my eye would snap and I would be permanently blind. I wanted to tell a mountie that I had to leave but I couldn’t even tell a SERM officer from a mountie when I was right in his face. I left. I had attended as long as I could. The judge was a no show. I was put under bench warrant for not staying to be bullied over the phone.  Not one flicker of protest did these legal outrages inspire in any lawyer.
    Today that same lawyer sent us a donation of $800 which would have paid for at least four phone calls to a court office. Why? He said that I was to support Marcie Millette for president of pro- life. If she was elected fairly our support or non- support is irrelevant. Apparently the election was reminiscent of an NDP union farce.  Now Mrs. Millette never misses to throw some NDP disinformation about me. She recently was furious because we bought fruit cake from a prolife organisation in my husband’s home town. She is working at purging the executive of those who do not want to work “politically”.
    They have more money than they are admitting. How do I know? Because when a business man passed away he assured us support would continue after his death. His son echoed that view in writing. Apparently this lawyer and a few helpers had then convinced him that he should give our money to prolife instead. The $800 was just a small part of our own inheritance that had been denied to us. Now I’ve had bribes offered which began a lot higher than $800 and had no difficulty refusing the terms.
    This lawyer has not told the prolife movement what ‘ working politically” means. The likely scenario is the Prolife organisation is to be handed over to an NDP- Liberal Party  resurrected after the election. Prolife in Saskatchewan is a political gold mine. Thus it has people who have worked very hard to make sure it really isn’t effective. Now it is supposedly going to be effective as a tool of the joint party of sleeze.
    This same lawyer apparently has been instrumental in discrediting me to freedom of speech lawyers in Alberta. He is also very interested that the mission lose its charitable status. On Monday I’d make sure that there isn’t an NDP rump left on which the Liberals can build an ass. As a prolifer I’d stick with working with the SaskParty until , if and when there is a better alternative. One orchestrated by a lawyer who is quite willing to have “friends” robbed, blinded and destroyed isn’t going to save anyone’s life but may get him a long coveted judgeship. Gay