Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dwayne Lingenfelter and the Fidelity Issue

November 01,2011
All Saints’ Day
    If a man can’t be faithful to his own wife and his own family would you trust him with your family? Your business? Your Community? Your Province?
    Dwayne Lingenfelter wants to be Premier of this province. He has wanted th job for a long time.It is not enough to look at the NDP record. See the blog Ten Commandment Check List.  We also have to look at the present leader and thirty year plus wannabe premier.
    Dwayne came from a large Catholic family in the Shaunavon area. He married a local girl and had five children. It was reported to me by the local MLA at the time that his wife was even more loyally NDP than he, always ready to defend her husband and his chosen political party.
    When the NDP got in again in 1991 he was influential and held various cabinet posts. Mrs. Louise Simard also held various posts including Minister of Health. In that
 portfolio under the direction of the rest of the cabinet including then Premier Romanow, she closed sixty ( 60) hospitals targetting Catholic hospitals. This was consistent with a long standing NDP resolution that no hospital that refuses to do abortions should get government funding. St.Paul’s Maternity Ward where two- thirds of the babies were born in the province was closed. Holy Family Hospital in Prince Albert was completely destroyed. This had nothing to do with superfluous rural hospitals. It was a deliberate and intense destruction operation on hospitals that may not buckle under to the NDP euthanasia, sterilisation, abortion push. Louise Simard was a Catholic.
    Dwayne Lingenfelter ditched his faithful wife and took up with Louise Simard. They were married in the Cathedral in Regina. How does a Catholic man destroying a Catholic marriage marrying a Catholic woman destroying her own Catholic marriage get a wedding ceremony in the Cathedral in Regina? Unfortunately there are bishops and priests who have had a love affair with the NDP.  Like a professor at a reputable Catholic seminary they believe advancing socialism is advancing Christianity.
    How could the bishop  make allowances to this couple who violated Catholic morality, who harmed at least seven children, a faithful wife, and a faithful husband AND ravaged Catholic hospitals with a respect for life and a real healing not killing  mandate?  Amongst other things this was a terrible public example to the rest of the province, to the Catholic faithful and to fidelity to Church rules by the then bishop.
    In a few years the Simard- Lingenfelter liason ended. Three marriages destroyed by one man who wants to be Premier in a province that respects the Family.
    How does Lingenfelter personally feel about pro- life. When I tabled the private members bill “ Freedom of Informed Choice” Lingenfelter did everything possible to shout me down so my words could not be heard by others and by the recording for Hansard. That defines his position. Shout down what you don’t want to hear.
    The province has a moral duty not only to  defeat this man but defeat him and his party decisively, and thoroughly. The advance polls open today.  We’ll be there in La Ronge. Gay