Monday, October 31, 2011

Yes. The town hall is being used for drug trafficking

October 31,2011
Holy Evening of All Saints’ Day
 N   We have a Chapel but it is not heated. So we use the Village Hall on Sunday for Praise and Worship. There is still no access to a Mass within 500 miles. In the morning John was held up at the water treatment plant so in the afternoon he was informing people of the time we would begin the service. Eugene McLeod, former mayor and husband of Rec. Director was apparently holding a copy of blog “ NDP Election Supplies Epidemic” and discussing it in an agitated manner. No doubt his comments were that John Caswell should not be allowed to be a councillor and should not have a key to the hall. The fact that I, not John, wrote it and wrote nothing other than what everyone here knows is true would be irrelevant.
    When Bert Horan came to live in Brabant Lake Eugene McLeod asked at a Council Meeting, “ Who invited him here?” Bert Horan was subsequently murdered which is puplic knowledge and as usual nothing was done about it. Eugene believes apparently that this village is private property( his) and no one should be allowed to live here unless he approves. He also believes that the drug use and trade is protected and any one who interferes shouldn’t exist, at least, in this town. There are a few others who share this view.
    When John went to ask the Rec. Director a question and also to inquire about her baby who was in hospital and for whom we prayed vigilantly. R. D. Joyce gave him a growl and let him know that he was not welcome in the hall. There was plenty of evidence and reports  that more than free Bingo supplies were in town as the NDP booze and drugs flowed.
    In the September meeting Administrator Val Antoniuk made it clear that she would tolerate no votes that would dispose the rec. director position despite the majority view on council. John Caswell led the fight and garnered many wins: that the hall could be used by others, that when others have an event it takes precedence over the rec. director’s activities, that there should be no double booking. When we put on an event the McLeod and Beukert team would immediately throw a poker rally. We quit advertising events which didn’t sit well with us or anyone.  John and others wanted every councillor to have a key to the rooms that are always locked. Joyce refused because she said they keep their supplies there. She gave in and said that she would always have the rooms unlocked. No acceptable supplies have been removed or are in anyway endangered.  However when we were getting ready for Praise and Worship the one room was definitely locked.  As known for some time the Rec. Director uses her position to bring booze and drugs into the community and hides these supplies in the public town hall behind locked doors. Gay