Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hopes and Fears

January 13,2012
    “ The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight.”
     When I said an emphatic “no!” to losing my foot on December 21,2011 the intention was to save my foot and eventually my life at all cost. I had to say no many times in the next four days and no to many other things in the 12 day hospital stay.
    It is understable that when I came in with a degenerating foot smelling of gangrene that an amputation was considered. But in minutes after getting antibiotiques through intervenous my foot began to improve. It continued to improve noticeably in the next day and the next . I always went to the washroom without help. I was soon walking with a walker. Why was there the continued  relentles push to shove me down south to Royal University Hospital to leave a foot, well at least a toe?  For some the only sin left is a person’s lack of compliance to a governmental authority, in this case it was lack of compliance to Dr. Spooner, a long time La Ronge establishment figure having a public reputation for pushing abortion. If I can say no to an amputation and refuse to give the medical establishment my pound of flesh, not even two ounces the news will and did spread.
    We can assume that “no” was heard all over the North three times over before noon. If one person refuses “ curing” diabetes by the death by inches programme, others will follow  That was my hope. That was her and others’ fear. They also feared that people will begin to say no to other things such as coerced abortion and sterilisation.
    For years I have had miscarriages, one after another and gestational ( pregnancy onset) diabetes. Since I received no help for my pregnancies and no help for the diabetes except to get rid of the gestational part I could not trust medical help in the North or in the province and could not afford out side help. In the Southend clinic a nurse took my blood sugar and without my permission took two pregnancy tests. They were positive. She relayed the information to Dr. Spooner. It was soon Northern and international news. No help or information was offered to me. That pregnancy like many others failed.
    Some years ago I was told in the same clinic that I could not have antibiotiques for blood poisoning “ unless I admit that I’m pregnant”.It is no accident that the line sounds like China. Not everyone disagrees with the China eugenics prorgramme.
    In China if an unauthorised pregnancy comes into the hospital the baby is killed by injecting a needle into the stomach of the mother.
    I repeatedly said “ no” to insulin injections in my stomach. Why was this an issue? There is plenty of other parts of me. I was told that this is the best place because it is the fattest, that the Canadian Medical Association approves of it, and “ this is the way we do it.”So what had that to do with me? I don’t even ask the Canadian Medical Association their opinion before I buy toothpaste. One nurse who has been  working with Dr. Spooner for many years pulled up my top and stuck the needle in my stomach. I pulled it out before she could give me insulin. What is the difference between that and China. Perhaps this time it would have been safe and only insulin. Once I accept these invasive assaults other needles with other things can be injected.
    I commend Dr. Bada and Dr. Neething for leading the parade in preserving human dignity and individual choice.   Gay