Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reality vs. Anti- Christianity

February 04,2012
    As one enters the waiting room of the Emergency Room of La Ronge Hospital the first poster on the wall is one of a Dennis Auger who is telling us of his great experience with a channeling spirit that guides him. It is classic New Age paganism. The same poster can be found at the La Ronge Public Library. These among others were produced by the Feds in the Liberal reign. Down the hall by the Detox centre is a poster that states “ Tobacco is sacred.” Right-o and how many started their addictions with marijuana tobacco?  Indian Affairs has used their historic mandate of providing health care for treaty people which was explained in the treaties as a medicine chest on each reserve, as an excuse to propagate New Age pagan beliefs. If you happen to have an all-season tan the Feds had decided being a pagan is mandatory. Canada has a long standing tradition beginning about 1534 of being( a) Christian (b) having religious freedom and( c) protecting and expanding the Gospel with the laws and resources of public funds.
    Canada became and remained an independent country because the French Canadians which included a large mix of native people refused to help the Americans in their War of Independence.  Many Native people are descendents of United Emprire  Loyalists .The French Canadians fought American forces when a General Montgomery decided to “ liberate” Quebec. In the War of 1812, despite the often inept and indifferent British forces, natives, French Canadians and English Canadians fought the American aggression and won , when they were outnumbered more than ten to one.  If you want to see a great 1812 Canadian verterans’ statue go to Chicago’s main drag. The Canadians are the ones with the tomahawks and the breech cloths. The inscription describes it a little differently than I do.
    Canadians have consistently rejected the Masonic- French Revolution tradition of America that rejected Altar and Crown.
    Which leads us to the adminstrator of the northern settlement of Brabant Lake:AC Ms. Antoniuk informed me at the beginning of her reign that nothing can get municipal funds if there’s religion ( Christianity ) in it. The Rec. Director position and huge budget was created to stop mission activity. Our camps were vilified while a one family reunion camp of drugs and alcohol were and are funded and protected. Children were told that they can’t go to St.Mary’s Club but had to go to the hall and hang out.  When the majority of councillors wanted the position of Rec. Director eliminated Antoniuk refused to let the Northern Municipality Act, democracy and economic sense reign.
    Last council meeting Councillor Caswell said that he wanted to put on a Gospel Jamboree. Mayor S. Hardlotte and Councillor P. McKenzie were enthusiastic. The Mayor said that he had just  been to one at Grandmother’s Bay and the band had funded that. Administrator Antoniuk said that there could be a Jamboree but not a Gospel Jamboree. Her alleged duties now are expanded to censor the type of songs we sing.  “ My baby does the hanky- panky”yes, “ Rescue the perishing , care for the dying,” no
    She said in a post- election rage “ You don’t have a school!”. Ms. Antoniuk and her cohorts apparently are over 400 years of Canadian tradition, the BNA 1867, the Charter of Rights, the Saskatchewan Act 1905, and numerous education acts and legal rulings. So why not veto “ Amazing Grace” and fund drugs and alcohol with taxpayer money?  Christianity is about Reality. Some have a problem with that. Gay