Friday, February 10, 2012

nanny government strangulation

February 10,2012

    The Recreation Budget for the community was approved last week. One of four councillors was there. Two councillors passed by the hall. The lights weren’t on. Two women were smoking outside. Neither are councillors. It was assumed that the meeting wasn’t happening. They continued on their way. Another councillor had an emergency deadline. Administrator Antoniuk told two councillors that it is finalised. She told another councillor that it wasn’t.
    The two women who had the say in the budget is the rec. director who as usual is in a conflict of interest postion and is not elected and has never been hired except by her husband, Eugene McLeod, a former mayor who with the Beukert household built a non- functioning hall and took three years to build an out door  rink that didn’t happen.
    Everything appoved is a government take over of what should be family and community controlled. There are people making $40 an hour from the mines who expect the tax payer to pay for Hallowe’en candy, a Thanksgiving meal and Christmas presents. Trips for supplies of candy and store bought ( not home cooked) food  are necessary so the taxpayer also pays for booze, drugs and transportation of same.
    One of our students was upset because she had to quit the mission school so her dad could get a better public house. She was assured she’d get a better Christmas present at the secular school because we just have “ made” things. That’s it. Children and adults are taught and trained that the most important thing is to get things  from the government. Hallowe’en isn’t going around and getting candy from house to house like it used to be here. It’s getting government paid candy. Christmas isn’t about exchanging names and buying gifts for family and friends. It’s getting a government paid gift.
    The Rec. Director can use an invented schedule of activities that never happen. We still have unfinished good sewing projects because she told the students they couldn’t go to the mission sewing class. They had to go to the hall. Not one potholder, cushion or doll sock has ever been produced by students or the director but year after year she can get money because some one gave her a schedule that never happens with activities that never happen.
    Guaranteed that there is no money for a gospel jamboree. The Antoniuk policy of not allowing any expression of Christianity is in full reign. Our mission activities have never depended on government money. The government money is used to compete with us and to control people so they will not participate. It is blatant, vicious and illegal religious persecution.  It destroys individuals, families and communities. People get so dependent on government handouts about the smallest detail of their life that they can’t think, communicate and participate with others. Of course it produces drug and alcohol addictions. It destroys manhood and the family unit.  The father is not the provider, the parents aren’t the rulers. The higher- ups and their designated local toadies rule. When people have lost their own initiative then someone in government can decide to gut communities as is happening in Kinoosao and Camsell Portage.
    The budget and debate is not over. From government strangulation, Free us O Lord.