Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Last Catholic King

March 11,2012
My Dad’s Birthday
    King Charles II  replaced the protestant and republic Cromwells who had reigned terror on Catholic especially Irish Catholics. He died a Catholic.Here is what Anne Carroll says of King James II:
    “Not only was James a Catholic, he was a strong Catholic. He allowed Mass to be said in public, annulled all the anti- Catholic laws including the Test Act and published a Declaration of Indulgence, declaring that all men were equal under the law no matter what religion they professed.”
    He had two daughters Mary and Anne from his first wife who was a Catholic.  These two daughters had been raised as Protestants as a peace sopp by King Charles II. James and his second wife, much to the Protestants’ dismay had a son and heir to the throne, James Francis Edward Stuart. He was baptised a Catholic.
    In secret messages were sent to Mary, James daughter and William of Orange. William wrote a letter of congratulations to his father- in- law and organised an invading army.  “ James himself always said exactly what he meant and assumed others did as well. Right up until the last minutes he did not believe that William would betray him.
    On November 5, the notorious holiday called Guy Fawkes, William of Holland landed with his troops in England. The King sent his wife and baby to France and followed after. The wealthy Protestants controlling Parliament stated that he had advocated the throne “after taking advice of Jesuits and other wicked persons.” The Throne was granted jointly to William and Mary who were brutal in their persecution of Catholics. James daughter Anne joined them in their betrayal of King James II
    On St. Joseph’s Day, March 19, 1689 James landed In Ireland . The Irish parliament declared the country independent of England and Irishmen rallied around James. The Irish greatly outnumbered by William’s troops fought them to a draw.  But James who was over 50 was defeated. He went to France and was eventually buried there. Even that did not end the anti- Catholic contempt. Masonic revolutionaries of the French Revolution desigrated his grave and destroyed his remains.
    William and Mary had no children. They were suceeded by Anne who also had no heirs since her 17 children died before she did. It’s not a good idea to go to war against your father.
     The rightful king was son James. His father while dying in 1701 wrote “ Serve God as a perfect Christian and like a worthy child of the Roman Church.” Throughout his life, there would be pressures on James to become a Protestant so that he could go back to England and resume the throne but he was not even tempted.
    There was an uprising in Northern Scotland to put him on the throne but this failed. His son Charles of  Bonnie Prince Charlie fame also attempted to regain the throne with the help of Scotland but that also failed. James other son and grandson of King James II became a Cardinal serving the Pope in the inner circle of influence.
    James II’s legacy is the  King James Bible , translated in 1611 two years after the Doay- Rheims and containing chunks verbatim from that earlier translation.  He authorised its use and at that time the KJV had all the 73 books of the Bible. The other legacies is the most popular tartan all over the world is the Stuart and well known ballads about his family such as asking Bonnie Charlie to come back again. So the last Catholic King of England was supported by Ireland and Scotland. The worse reign of England  was the one that made Parliament and Protestant supreme wth Protestant William and Mary who had half the Irish population killed and outdid the republican Cromwells in terrorism and bigotry.
    Some Canadian Irish are very proud to never sing “ God save the Queen.” If they knew there history they would hate the word republic (as in anti- monarchy) and would be ardent royalists. The present Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the Throne of England and Canada et c. had any restrictions on Catholicism removed  as a barrier to the Throne. There is considerable interest in the Catholic Faith amongst the Royal Family. It is my prayer that Prince Charles become the Catholic King of the Commonwealth which includes my country.
    Many Protestants love the KJV and oppose Catholicism. Many Catholics despise the KJV because it is supposedly Protestant. There seems to be a whole lot of deliberate misinformation going on by those who oppose the Altar and Crown throughout centuries.
P.S. After saying more than one Novena to Ste. Philomena we have a new to us van. We of course are thankful to the donors but when a saint delivers you better give him or her credit.
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