Tuesday, March 27, 2012

They really do intend to send me to jail immediately

March 27,2012
    URGENT: I have just come from a telephone situation to a Prince Albert Court.  I thought I could phone in and ask for an adjournment for two months to get an out- of - province lawyer and to stablise my health condition. Without my knowledge Mr. Zatlyn began his defence. It never occurred to me that I would need a defence only to state that I needed an adjournment and why. I do not know the judge’s name. He obviously had already decided that I was going to jail and was going to get a large impossible fine.
        I kept repeating that I never had a hearing from the beginnning. I said that the Court of Appeals decision said that my blog was in the public’s interest. The judge intends to have my entire blog destroyed. Please send this immediately to everyone you know. If you have the means save my blog entries on your computer.  Let everyone especially the politicians to know what they are doing.
    They want my blog destroyed and they are using Wayne Buckle as an excuse.Trust me. The basis for my defence is the Truth. I do know for what I speak. The judge never really listened to one word I said. He was there to give Mr. Zatlyn everything he wanted.
    They said that I could have a telephone interview to ask for an adjournment. They never said that there would be court and my adjornment was denied. We did not make sacrifices to go to court in Prince Albert because it never occurred to me that there would be a court.
    Send the alarm and send it fast. This may be the last time I get to send you anything. If you are out of province or out of country raise a fuss. Phone the Prime Minister, Premier Brad Wall anyone you can think of.
    At this point to be in jail with a flared up gangrenous foot could be a life threat. They don’t care.
    God bless you. Gay Caswell