Sunday, April 15, 2012

Smile you're on the Court of Queen's Bench

April 15,2012
Divine Mercy Sunday
Octave of Easter
    For some time I could not talk about the details of what happened to me on March 27, 10:10 am. My bouts of daily shaking are ended. I did not want even to look at a computer. I was not asking God if I should write a blog posting. I thought, if He wants me to continue He’ll have to make it clear. We pray continually “ Let us live in peace so that we can spread the Gospel.”
    This morning on the way to Mass I could not contain myself. The revulsion of what they did to me became so overwhelming, I thought, there is no way that I am going to bury this. It is not a question of forgiveness. I do not have the physical capacity to hate in an expected amount. To forgive is the only alternative to keep staying alive. To forgive does not include ignoring injustice, cruelty and corruption.  The Bible of course has much to say about forgiveness, about yours and mine and about our responsibility to forgive others. It also has a great deal to say about justice, about our responsibility to work and to strive for justice.
    I understood that I just needed to make a formal request for an adjournment for two months at least. I thought that I think that I am well enough to say a few sentences to a judge. They must already understand the situation.
    The phone rang. A judge ( I think) came on the line. Court was already in full swing. I tried to ask for an adjournment. He said “ I’m sorry that you are under the impression that you were going to get an adjournment.” I tried to explain that I am not prepared for a court and that in a few months I can have a lawyer. He said that “ Who is the lawyer! I need to know the lawyer!” I would not give a name but mentioned that I am contacting groups who work on constitutional rights of free speech.” He went balistic. He said that he is going to make a judgement today and mentioned over and over that he is going to send me to jail. He would not let me defend myself. When I tried to talk he accused me of interrrupting him and not letting him get a word in edgewise.
    There was no pretense of impartiality. Lawyer Zatlyn had already been in full swing before the court phoned me. The judge haranged me and continually referred to Zatlyn as not a lawyer speaking on behalf the plaintiff  but someone who was there to corroborate the intentions of the court. This wasn’t an umpire of two opposing views. This was two members of The Committee of Public Safety, rubber stamping a verdict.( The said ctte was used to send people to the guillotine in the French Revolution of 1790)
    The unbridled hatred towards me was so intense it shocked me. I do not to this day know the name of the judge or what he looks like. That apparently is how he wanted it. Lawyer Zatlyn purjured himself by claiming that the Court of Appeals gave him complete victory. He said that it was decided that I could not have access to the internet and the entire blog was to be stopped. The highest court in Saskatchewan  refused to give him permission to destroy the blog. He went ahead anyway.  I then started again with a new blog and new name. He did not mention that. In a proper court after a discovery process, I or a lawyer could have tabled the judgment and have it debated
    Zatlyn continually mentioned that I had been an MLA. Now obviously I had not been an NDP MLA. What he was stating in fact was this person is a Tory. Tories go to jail. I have made the accusation that people were sent to jail merely because they were Tories. This experience is clear evidence that the accusation was an understatement.
    Not once did the two voracious accusers go so far as to stay what I wrote is a lie or a proven lie.
    Isn’t it time that the Saskatchewan government cleaned up its courts and the Law Society clean up the conduct of lawyers. An out of province ctte was formed to determine if Justice Minister Morgan was in a conflict of interest position over VLT’s and a hotel. Nameless, faceless judges, years of being told “ you don’t get a hearing unless you get a lawyer” Now I am told  you are not entitled to have a lawyer, you are not entitled to a hearing, you are not entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. If the process of your persecution will result in mutalation and death so much the better. This is no long just my battle. Restoring due process and civil liberties is the responsibility of the government who is in power because people wanted an end to socialist tyranny. A full scale and open investigation is needed. Gay