Sunday, April 22, 2012

Legalising murder for the inconvenient

April 22,2012
    Quebec is fond of the slogan “maitre chez nous.” ( master in our own house). Unfortunately they have a way of insisting that they have autonomy in their own decisions but then impose those actions on the rest of the country. Canada legalised abortion because Morgenthaler opened up an abortuary in Montreal. He then pressured Trudeau to legalise abortion. He wrote Trudeau reminding him that his cabinet ministers are sending their girl friends there and his cousin Dr. Trudeau was referring patients to his clinic.
    Amidst much opposition from Quebecois  the Liberal government has released a report recommending euthanasia. This is not about compassion but about economics. The Quebec economy is a mess. Their health care is a mess. Beds and wards are empty while patients are lined in the hallways. Patients and families must bribe must professionals for proper pain killers and other medicines.  It is no accident that grandparents like to spend at least the winter months in Florida. It’s farther from the possibility of death imposed on them in case of illness. If you’re poor forget it. You still have the saints, of which Quebec has an abundance to seek intervention and miracles for you.
    Since 2006 I have been documenting that mental illness is a lucrative business for the Quebec government. If you happen to have had a wealthy parent or parents the Quebec government can confiscate an inheritance and make sure their victim is deemed incurable . Just a check mark beside schizophrenia or depression does it. The courts will back the government to the hilt plus any lawyer you happen to be foolish enough to hire.  In this case the government gets 1.5 million dollars from Canada’s foremost engineer of electronic communications and the Canadarm and his son gets placebos, dangerous mind altering drugs to keep him off balance and a little help with shopping.  Under the Quebec recommendations if our nephew is deemed depressed he can be killed and they keep the money. One less drain on the economy with one bottle of pills known to cause depression and one injection.
    An extreme example? We were assured that our nephew and we were not treated differently than Quebec families by a very chic judge in a very fancy Longueil court house.
    If these recommendations are put into law by the Charest Liberal majority government one person can kill another with or without his permission. What Quebec does impacts and changes all of Canada. So it went with abortion so it will go with euthanasia. Murder is legalised not just for the unborn but for the inconvenient. There are a great many people who are inconvenient to a family member, to anyone including medical professionals who do not like to be criticised for their eugenics mentality and actions.
    Euthanasia means merciful death. It comes from the Ancient Greek god of death. It is a totally pagan concept and is not rooted in Christian compassion, human dignity or sound law. It means that someone can kill someone else. A little medical sounding rationale is all that is needed. It will make any murder more of a light thing... if that is possible in the North.
Eugenics is a movement began by Darwin’s cousin Galton. Great advocates of eugenics were Hitler who went after the Jews, priests, the handicapt et c, Stalin who went after Ukrainians, Catholics, other Christians and anyone who disagreed with him including fellow Communists, and Saskatchewean’s Tommy Douglas who believed  Catholic families, people who use prepared mustard, are messy housekeepers, have children without benefit of marriage and  Indians should be institutionalised and sterilised.
    Euthanasia is a personal and real threat to everyone. Quebec produced saints, missionaries, and real health care. The first hospital in Saskatchewan was at Ile- a- la- Crosse when some of Ste. Marguerite d’Youville’s nuns canoed from Montreal. Pray for a Christian revival and courage in Quebec to stop this evil. Gay