Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scam research from a Criminal Sex Abuser

May 05,2012
    Have you ever wondered what happened that rape now called sexual assault is treated as a minor crime when a perpretator used to get life or capital punishment?
    Have you ever wondered why sex education is taught in many schools even though there is no evidence that is does any good and plenty of evidence it does a great deal of harm?
    Have you wonder why the Ten Commandment ceased to become the norm for moral rights and wrong to be replaced by alleged sociological research?
    According to Judith Reisman Ph d the blame can go to a great extent to one man: Alfred Charles Kinsey ( 1894-1956) . He was a zoologist who studied the gall wasp. However he decided that studying sex in humans was more interesting and far more lucrative . He produced two books in 1948 and 1953 that became known as the Kinsey Report. He died three years later and never had to answer for his fraudulent pseudo- science and criminal behaviour. He provided the ammunition pedophiles, rapists, pornographers, Planned Parenthood and sex educators were waiting for.  Kinsey received huge grants from the Rockefeller Institute which has funded the anti- family movement for generations. He and his followers worked with legislators, lawyers and judges to change the seriousness of sex crimes to trivia.
    He did not choose a broad sample of people from main stream walks of life to determine his findings. He went to prison and chose criminals who were serving time for  sex crimes and used their answers as norms.  He chose male college students who liked stringing him a line ( just as Simoan young people did to rude snoop Margaret Mead) . A sample of people for sociological research is to 21000. He interviewed at best 12000, with a glaring 9000 people missing.
    At the University of Indiana he set up research and determined as desired and planned that people have a sexual desire and life from birth to death. How was this done? He hired paedophiles to use children from 2 months to 14 years. He gave them a sound proof room and a stop watch. Despite the sound proof room it was known that children screamed, and  tried to protect themselves from their tormentors. How could a 2 month old give informed consent to this torture? How could a parent willingly knowingly allow their children to be used in this way without being complicit in their criminal abuse? Where and how did he get these children and where are the victims today? The so called researchers determined that the children liked the sexual use despite the screams.
    In the Saskatoon Public School system two books Boys and Sex and Girls and Sex were on the curriculum list. The author Pomeroy describes how one can overcome the latency period when children are not interested in sex by leaving pornography about the house and the adult can go about naked with no more reservation than going about barefoot. This mentality is straight Kinsey as is sex education which convinces little children who like playing with children of their own sex that they are homosexuals and lesbians at 7 years and candidates for sex mutilation.
     Douglas McArthur was the Minister of Education which brought in sex education to Saskatchewan schools. Before becoming a politician in the Blakeney NDP he worked for ..quess what?... the Rockefeller Institute. His efforts spawned most of the present Christian independent schools and many home schools.  And the Catholic Schools? Catholic teachers were represented in a committee promoted sex education which was identical to sex education pushed in California, other states then to  Ontario and to Saskatchewan under the NDP.
    I was not a Catholic at the time but I phoned up a Catholic teacher  on the committee and asked him how could he justify endorsing a programme that approves of pre- marital sex?. He said that “At one time Catholics couldn’t eat meat  on Friday. Now they can. Things change.”
    Religious confusion begets moral confusion. It’s time to back pedal back to the 50's and realise that we have an agenda, schools and law courts that have based their decisions on scam research by a criminal sexual abusers who created a conglomerate and world for other sexual abusers.
    Gay. It’s a good idea to stop eating meat on Friday too.