Saturday, June 2, 2012

McGuinty's Bullies vs. Parents' Rights

June 02,2012

    There are two things that totalitarian governments always do whether it is the Masonic French Revolutionists, the Communists, the Naziis, Saskatchewan socialists or McGuinty Liberals:1. remove crosses and crucifixes 2. attack parental rights and responsibilities replacing the parent with the state.
    Canada became a country because the religious rights of parents to raise their children in their chosen faith was protected. Since the British take over of North America in 1763 Canadians as was called the people of New France have had the right to educate their children in the Catholic Faith. The Canadians refused to join the Americans in their Revolution against Britain because their religious and cultural rights were protected in Canada, the French , Indians and English together  fought the Americans in the War of 1812 to protect their religious and cultural rights. Confederation of the four colonies in 1867 happened because religious and cultural rights were protected in the British North America Act. The Charter of Rights in effect from 1982 specifies that PARENTS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THE EDUCATION OF THEIR CHILDREN.
    By convoluted illogic the courts and the Liberals decided that the phrase “ everything shall equally apply to women and men” means women and men are now “equal” meaning  the same . Therefore radical homosexuals and radical feminists can take away everyone elses’rights . The phrase means that females and males both have a right to right to life, to freedom of expression, freedom of religion , freedom to educate his, her and their children in their educational choices as well as other rights.
    The McGuinty Liberals are attacking everyone’s religious freedom. They have been, are and intent to continue to impose anti- Christian views and practices on everybodies’ children , on all families and on all churches and faith communities. They are giving the Catholics two choices: compromise, abandon your Faith and you can have your schools but they won’t be Catholic anymore or stick to Catholic principles and you will lose taxpayer
( your )money for your schools.  In short lose Catholic schools or lose government funding of Catholic schools.  Obviously the Catholics cannot betray their Faith, their children and their moral principals. But why should their funding be jeopardized because they want Catholic Schools to be Catholic?
    A vile editorial in THE NATIONAL POST makes it very clear that the intention of the McGuinty Bullies is to destroy Catholic schools and attack the religious and parental rights of everybody. He/she says why should the Catholics get funding when they don’t like the name “ gay” on clubs ?  The real question is why should there be ANY mandatory student- led clubs in school hours? These clubs are not student created or led or even McGuinty created. They began in Boston and New Jersey by radical homosexuals who wanted to recruit and use children.
    If  schools would be allowed to return to places of education, children and adults could spend time studying literature that could teach them many things including the proper meaning of the word gay, gaily, and the commonality of the names such as Gaylord, Gay etc. An American bomber of WWII was called Nola Gay. Schools could also teach Canadian and world history even.
    McGuinty et al has no political mandate to do what he is doing. He has no legal right by Canadian and Natural Law. Every province must abide by the precept that Parents have the right to decide the education of their children: Not a special interest group, not McGuinty, not La Ronge drug dealers and bureaucrats , not a public housing agent, but  parents. It’s the Law. Gay