Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drugs, Discouragement and possible Destruction for Brabant Lake

July 26,2012
 Feast of St. Joachim and Ste. Anne
    We have just been informed by Mr. Brad Henry that Ms. Val Antoniuk can make arbitrary decisions concerning the Northern Settlement of Brabant Lake. “ She has the money and is the appointed government agent.” Now Mr. Henry is new on the job, Our quarrel is not with him. However this is Saskatchewan in the constitutional monarchy of the Dominion of Canada. That means we have a democracy and we respect God and the Queen in that order. Respecting the Queen means respecting our laws and traditions and her fellow subjects . There is a basis for law which is the Ten Commandments and Natural Law.
    Ms. Antoniuk treats people in an illegal arbitrary fashion. Her title is Municipal Advisor, not northern mafia director not agent for the soviet political officer or central committee of that forty year fantasy “ The People’s Republic of Northern Saskatchewan.”
    The money that Ms. Antoniuk is controlling is the money taken by mandatory legal force ( that is taxes) from the people of Saskatchewan. That is we, you, I, cigarette smokers, beer drinkers, shoppers, property owners , employees and business men.  Everybody pays taxes and everybody has a right to have a say as to how those taxes are used. She controls the money under the Ministry of Municipal Affairs . The ministry is part of the Government of Saskatchewan elected by a majority and answerable to everyone.
    Ms. Antoniuk violates the rights of the  Local Advisory Committee which represents the people, including me, in Brabant Lake. She violates Freedom of Assembly by not allowing the LAC to function as it should. She violates Freedom of Speech because she tells people including the mayor that they can’t discuss drugs. Now drugs are illegal. Grandmother’s Bay had the legal right to kick Calvin Cook and family out of their community. If Grandmother’s Bay has a legal right to kick out Calvin Cook Brabant Lake most certainly has the legal right to question if Calvin Cook should live in our community control our water supply and take away jobs by fiat from others. VA says that we can’t even discuss drugs let alone control them. She, not anyone else, gave this known admitted drug dealer an office on the front drive, that being The Water Treatment Plant, with a personal phone unattended and uninterrupted, a vehicle, that being the town truck and a rationale to stop at every house in town. It would seem this is enough evidence to convict her of complicity in the drug trade.
    No other employer could do what she does to employees. No union would stand for it and no no- union business could get away with it. She decides totally on her own to lump three jobs together and give them to one person. She never “ fired” John Caswell and thus gave no reason for her refusal to let him work at his job.  Calvin Cook explained at the meeting that he had to sell drugs because it was hard to feed a family on employment insurance and his work while at Grandmother’s Bay. The rest of us who do not sell drugs have to donate by compulsion our incomes and our work to those who do?
    Even before John was mayor his job according to the La Ronge Municipal Office was to sign other people’s work sheet. He doesn’t sign Calvin’s because Calvin is an outlaw onto himself protected by VA. 
    Calvin collects half of our home garbage and none of the school garbage. He doesn’t do lifting brush from garbage stand to truck. He won’t stop to let you throw in the brush . Hours of operation are whatever protects him from scrutiny and when he feels like it.
    VA will do nothing to help people from having their community destroyed by fire. When our homes are destroyed will it be VA who decides whether the municipal money will rebuild? She has been told by SERM office of the fire hazard of thick brush forest in the middle of the village. She and the municipal office has been told many times. Other communities get two or three weeks of paid labour or more if necessary . We get drugs, discouragement and possible destruction. If VA had any respect for the people of Brabant Lake she would resign. If her contempt will not let her even do that she should be fired or arrested immediately. Gay