Monday, August 6, 2012

The Bathroom Bill is the Classroom Bill

August 06,2012
Transfiguration of Our Lord
“ A woman shall not be clothed with man’s apparel, neither shall a man use woman’s apparal: for he that doeth these things is an abomination.” Deuteronomy 22:8 D-R Version 
    DANGER ALERT: The so called “ Bathroom” Bill which passed Second Reading in the House of Commons is not a joke. It is dangerous, a stage for criminal behaviour and clearly unconstitutional. It is more appropriate to call Bill C- 279 The Classroom Bill rather than the Bathroom Bill. It greatly impacts on what happens in classrooms in every Province and Territory and in Catholic, independent and secular Schools. It was decided pre- Confederation that Education is a provincial matter not Federal jurisdiction. This was solidified in the British North America Act 1867 and has never changed.But because it would amend the Human Rights Code and Hate Speech Laws by adding “ gender expression” and “ gender identity” it would bring on a nightmare of bullying and intimidation to school boards, staff and educational ministries that they must comply or else face serious and costly court challenges.
    The Charter of Rights states that everything in the Charter is applicable to women as well as men. The obvious understanding is all the rights and responsibilities apply to men and also to women. That means women have a right to life and can’t be drowned in a river because they are seemingly insolent to their husband or father.Women have a right to due process and can’t be bullied by anonymous judges arranging telephone calls where they are to be sent to jail without trial. That means both men and women have a right to religious freedom, freedom of association and freedom to make educational choices for themselves and their children.  It does not mean that men and women are now the same as  it is often erroneously interpreted.
    That is sufficient coverage on gender issues, gender meaning male or female. There really is no other gender. Every cell in your body would scream under DNA testing that this is a cell from a man or from a female. If it was from a mutilated boy or a mutilated female with plenty of plastic surgery. everywhere there is real human flesh it would still scream male ,or female. It doesn’t matter how the person dresses, arranges his or her hair, puts on make- up or doesn’t, the human species only comes in two types, xx ( female) or xy (male). Anything else is pure fantasy.
    The Law is not about protecting people’s fantasies.  If I fantasied that I am a Saskatchewan Roughrider player the law does not give me access to the Riders’ Dressing Room or their uniform. If I fantasied that I am a candidate for the Women’s Barrel Race at the Calgary Stampede the law does not force anyone to give me a horse or entry. My and your fantasies are my and your problem. No law anywhere demands that one group can bully others to act like they go along with that group’s fantasy.
Would you like to undergo surgery by someone who fantasies that he is a doctor?
    Likewise children do not deserve a male teacher who dresses in drag and thus has access to the girls’ bathroom or a female teacher who encourages little Sally dressed in five frills of pink to consider herself a boy tomorrow.
    Children used to go to school and learn about brave firefighters, policemen and policewomen, helpful people like nurses and doctors, and talented hardworking people like artists, musicians and ballet dancers. They were encouraged to admire many types of work and consider different career options. Nobody said that a girl can’t be a police officer or a boy can’t be a cook. Likewise nobody should confuse children that they are not choosing a career but a gender.
    Bill C- 279 is now in committee, a good,place to kill it. More to come. Gay