Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Drug Trade: Pay with Your Body, Pay with your child

Oct. 18,2012
Feast of St. Luke
    In the news we hear that 21 people have been arrested for creating pornographic pictures using minors including toddlers and babies. The victims and perpetrators come from “ the Prairie Provinces, North West Territories, and Nunuvut.” Hmm... now in the past child pornographers have got their victims from Cambodia, Brazil and exotic Third World Countries.  Now what is the commonality of places mentioned? An obvious conclusion is the Prairies and Territories are where there is a high native population. The pornographers has discovered a home market supply: native children.. This is the kind of news story that sickens at the same time is welcomed because it puts light on a long term evil.
    When I was contacting a Constitutional lawyer in Alberta his wife asked if I had made up the story about Judge Bekolay et al and the sex orgies using northern children. I never bother to make up stories. People have a hard enough time believing the truth. My imagination does not extent to former Judge Bekolay even after I met some of his colleagues in the Dial- a- Conviction- Programme. You  phone up, ask for an adjornment and find yourself screamed at by a judge who is sending you to jail without trial
    There was very little news coverage about the abuse of northern boys by a former judge and lawyer. . The story was effectively squelched. We never heard about it until we read Gormley’s Book although we most certainly knew of northern boys used as catamites
( boys kept for sex purposes)
    There is another issue. It is understood all over the North that John Caswell effectively was not allowed to run for Mayor after being the Acting Mayor because he was against drugs and talked about the issue at meetings. There is no question that many of the La Ronge governmental elite are not only users but pro- drug trade.
    The pornographers, child molesters and sex slave drivers need a population on drugs and alcohol. The drugs are needed to entice minors into co- operation : The Pay with your Body Drug Trade. The drugs and alcohol are needed to keep parents in a stupor and addicted to make their children available.  The drug trade and the child sex trade are closely connected. When people in the Municipal Office attack people who are against drugs, unintentionally or otherwise they are contibuting to sexual child abuse and the international child pornography trade.
    Meanwhile for the umpteenth time welfare, for treaty people in the non- reserve, Brabant Lake is switched to Band respnsibility. That means Chief Tammy Searson who is opposed to parental choice in education gets to put her claws into families using L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord.  Rebecca McLeod is the mayor of choice by the municipal office . It is public knowledge that she gets paid to look after the interests of Searson in Brabant Lake.  We faced some very upset, frightened and bullied parents this week. We also see the drugs and booze are flowing. The booze and drugs are the spoonful of sugar that lets the bullying go down.
    Meanhile MP Rob Clarke has introduced a bill in the House TO AMEND the Indian Act. Meanwhile a Liberal MP has introduced a bill in the House TO ABOLISH the Indian Act. Wait a minute: Every election the NDP-Libs accuse the Tories of trying to get rid of Treaty Rights. Conservative Clarke is trying to improve the Act while the Liberals are trying to get rid of it. Let’s keep this one in mind at election time.
    Treaty people in and off the reserve have a right to basic Human Rights including the Constitutional Right to Catholic Schools and educational choice. I see nothing in the present Act that overturns those rights. But it needs o be understood that ALL Canadians have a right to basic inalienable rights as outlined by Tradition, the Constition and the Charter.