Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Robbery with Intent to Kill

        We are all victims of a terminal illness. It is called Living. Everyone who is alive today has a prognosis of death. We are all terminal. Quebec brought us abortion by protecting Henry Morgenthaler’s abortion clinic in Montreal. Morgenthaler is not a doctor and never was. He had at most three years of medical school. His abortuary was protected because he was blackmailing Prime Minister Trudeau. He wrote him and said your cousin Dr.Trudeau is referring his patients to me. Your cabinet ministers are sending their mistresses to me. Now protect me.
    Now Quebec intends to bring us euthanasia, that is assisted suicide and death to the terminally ill. Like Morgenthaler’s abortuary it is being done by criminal activity. My brother Eric White was chief engineer and designer of the Canadarm, Dextra, and coordinator of the International Space Agency . When he died he left his son and considerable finances to us. The Quebec government sent us a pamphlet in English stating that the public curator takes all of the assets and finances of a “person in need of protection”   Any wills are invalid. Eric’s lawyer LaRose Q.C. has informed us his client’s file is closed. We hired a Quebec lawyer Samuels Q.C., He acted on behalf of the government and did nothing for us.
    When we went to Montreal to Charles Le Moyne Hospital I asked if our nephew was in a serious accident who protects his life and makes medical decisions? The public curator said a committee of professionals will decide. She was telling us euthanasia is already in place and the family has nothing to say about it. That was five years ago.
    We went to court and the social worker said “ Families object to us looking after their members but then they accept it.”  The judge never gave us a written or verbal decision but before we got home there was a letter from the government stating that this intelligent adult is confiscated. It was dated before the day of the court.
    We have never heard from our nephew for some time. He has, according to one check- off “ schizophrenia.”  When they got tired of my stating that schizophrenia is undefined, has no medical symptoms and is a matter of conjecture, they started checking off “psychosis” which is equally vague and opinionated.  Now since schizophrenia is an undefined disease there obviously is no cure. How does one cure something that may or may not exist? Our nephew would certainly be on Premier Marois’ hit list. These actions are usually defined as Robbery and Intent to Kill.
    Quebec is a province in the country of Canada. Since the Quebec Act of 1774 Criminal Law is the responsibility of the Country and Civil law is the responsibility of the province.  Suicide, assisted suicide and killing of the ill, handicapt and aged is illegal and  murder. What Quebec is doing and intends to put into law in the Spring is illegal, unconstitutional and criminal. It is being done by the Parti Quebecois followed by the Liberal Charest corrupt regime. My brother was the Chief Engineer of the CANADIAN Space Agency. The building and all space efforts were and are financed by the CANADIAN tax payer. He and his family are CANADIANS. The 5 million people living in Quebec are CANADIANS who are descendants of those who settled, evangelised, explored ,and  shaped CANADA and fought for her existence in 1777, the War of 1812, WWI and WWII to name just a few incidences. These 5 million Canadians deserve the protection of the Federal government and of the rest of Canada.  This is Canada’s fight and for us it’s personal. Our nephew is our son. His father said so. Gay