Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rule by the Fantasies of a Few

November 15,2012
     When one fills out the Annual Charities form one is expected to tell the birthday, year, phone number, complete address, position and now occupation of each board  member. What business is it of bureaucats and enemies of the charity if the board is full of seniors, university freshmen,  housewives, trappers, lawyers or business tycoons? Every year the list goes longer. What next? Weight? colour of eyes? Parents and grandparents? Coloured photo attached?
    In 1981 a neighbour gave me a tape about the Non- Profit Corporation Act that was to be implemented in Ottawa and Regina. The Act is 300 pages, full of contradictions and as bad as ever. To my knowledge it is the thickest act in existence in Canada . Why? Is it really true that there is no greater threat than a church, independent school, social club, basketball group or soup kitchen that is not regulated by the government? Now of course many times a group hastily fills out a form or has a civil servant to it for them and is ignored ever after except for their regular government grants. However if there are civil servants who do not like the group or individuals within the group there are endless ways that they can be harassed, penalised and eventually have all their assets and efforts destroyed. It really isn’t an act at all. It is not based on rule by law but rule by men and a very few men.
    In some ways the most powerful men in Saskatchewan and in Canada are a small group of like minded people in the Consumers Branch in the Department of Justice.They can determine if your group  can be a non- profit corporation and if you can stay that way. If you are not you cannot have a registered independent school. You cannot have a registered charity status. This coterie of like minded men have since 2001 rejected our financial statements which were consistently reviewed and passed by Charities Division, Ottawa. We eventually found a sympathetic Chartered Accountant who would review our forms. The groupie in Consumers stated he had to review all our forms even those that they approved. He asked why? No body has to do that. They stayed firm and got our registration pulled.
    These men are not elected, have no expertise in education but they could decide what schools could exist. They can also stop any organisation they do not like from being approved by Ottawa. L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord began in the reign of Education Minister Pat Atkinson( socialist, feminist extraordinaire) and Premier Romanow (NDP in day glow). This groupie told me that one can’t have a private and independent school in Saskatchewan. They can have anything they want in their Alice’s Restaurant.
    The Charities Liquidators have a new address. They have their very own new office complex. They are a very serious threat to Religious Freedom in Canada. They must by stopped and the power of activist civil servants with their own fantasies must come under the rule of law in a free and democratic Saskatchewan and Canada. Gay
    P.S..Remember youtube and “superlndn.”
             P.P. S. The mission is doing just fine and will continue to do so. G