Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CRA has a plan to stop prolife and profamily groups

November 14,2012
    After we made the video clip: “ Canada Revenue Agency, Political Tool” we got a letter from CRA Charities which stated that our charity status is revoked. It then attached a form that we were to fill in stating how our assets are being dissolved and where and to whom they are going. It also states that we must pay a tax to comply with CRA’s dissolution of our charity.!!!!
    We recently got a letter in which our appeal was ignored and we were told that we could go to Tax Court of Canada with a choice of locations. We chose the closest, Calgary which is only 1200 km. away .  We have filled out the forms for that.
    Before it is in the mail we are told that we have to pay a tax for the benefit of being persecuted by CRA and for having them decree what we are going to do with our assets.
    We immediately phoned the person at the end of the letter. She said that we could apply for reinstatement. Note she did not include that form only the dissolution form. We got it from the computer and just finished filling it out. So we are sending one registered package to have the right to explain why our tax receipt charity status should continue to Calgary  and another registered package to Ottawa to  reinstate the charity status which since it is not revoked but under appeal should need no re-instatement. Does this make sense? Of course not.
    What is the agenda here? It is not about or just about  L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord but is part of a very concerted effort to stop charities, groups, churches, schools and organisations who are a voice for life and family, for Revealed Truth and for Christian morality. Pro- Life groups have been told they must re-registered before 2014. Many are reluctant to do so. They smell a rat but aren’t sure where it is.  No business has to re-register with CRA. The business decides when and if it is going to be dissolved. Why should charities be different?
    This is an attempt for anti- family groups and political parties to stop their enemies before the next federal election. Those organisations they like will get an easy right and quick approval . Those they do not like will get stymied and drowned in paper work, litigation and ping pong among government offices and between desks and departments in the same office.
The charities and organisations will spend an enormous amount of time, money and energy on activities that have nothing to do with the intent of their group.  Many will fold. Some will try to comply. Others will think forget it. I’ll just do without a registered charity status. That sounds logical. But WARNING.
    CRA according to the revocation form will determine what is done with the assets of the group. You will lose your property, supplies, papers et c. along with the registered charity status. You will not be able to function as a charity but one that does not issue tax receipts. This has never been so in the past but it has been in the works for some
time. The federal uncivil servant dove tailing with the uncivil servants in places like Consumers Branch Sask. are taking advantage of conservative governments to have them take the blame for their agenda.
    Spread the word and call your MP. Ask them to stop this move for re- registering immediately..
    Remember to see our videos open youtube. com and put in the search bar“ superlndn.” Fight this one. The voice they silence may be your own. Gay