Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Quarrel with the Foe is on our own land

November 06,2012
    Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner go to jail because they talked to mothers who were on their way to kill their babies. Honourable Maurice Vellacott M.P. for Saskatoon- Wenaskewin, nominated them for the Diamond Jubilee Queen’s medal. Mary Wagner, mother of a very young baby, is presently in jail. Linda Gibbons who has spent more time in jail than many of Canada’s serial killers is on her way to her “ home away from home.” All hell , already well represented,breaks  loose.    When Mary Wagner went to court the judge told her “ Your God is Wrong!”. Thus ends cultural relativism. He would have immediately lost his position if he had said this to a follower of Wicca, Windego, Pantheism, Zoraisterism, Buddhism, and Allah but he said it to a Christian mother who was trying to help a mother and child and nothing happened except Mary went to jail. The lawyer said that he would appeal this because these remarks may indicate bias.
    Indicate!!! The judge is a bigot, a bully and a demonic thug. There is no “ may indicate.” If the decision was to be appealed why is Mary in jail? What is happening to Canadian lawyers? I do not know one lawyer in all of Canada who I could trust to put up a good fight even if I could pay for him. I do not know one lawyer who stands up for the constitutional rights of All Canadians. It is note worthy that Vellacott is not a lawyer. He’s a preacher.Nor is Rob Clarke. He’s a mountie. Nor is Kelly Block, She’s the wife of a retired school principal. Nor are most of our good Saskatchewan MP’s..
    I would love to be proven wrong but to date no candidate to refute my criticism is on the horizon. How can housewives and grandmothers be safe when they have more courage than their legal advisors/
    The CBC flying their true bigotted colours ,called Mary and Linda criminals. Criminals! These two broke thye outrageous unconstitutional civil law created by the Ontario government which has been run for sometime on the assumption that only abortionists, radical feminists,militant homosexuals and pedarists have rights . One is not a criminal for breaking a civil law or by-law even if the Supreme Court said that you can be punished like a criminal.
    When the Supreme Court ruled that one can go to jail for breaking a civil law it put on its head all of Canada’s traditions and laws. Parliament should have immediately overturned that decision which is its  right under the Charter and Constitution. Ontario is making up absurd attacks on the right to free speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. No one does anything. Quebec is in the process of legalising murder of the inconvenient, thus writing their very own Criminal law, which is to be enforced by what? Their very own “Departement de Defense.”  Will Parliament protect the lives of the 5 million Canadians in Quebec who are threatened by the Marois minority government?
    No one fought Hitler and the Nazis better than the Canadians . Now Nazi brutality has entered our courts, our media , our lawyers and we are lulled and numbed into inaction. Our thoughts are no longer free and we are paralysed to act on them.... Except for a few, like Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons.
    Has the CBC Anti- Rights Politbureau never heard of Gandhi who went to jail to break the unnecessary stronghold of the British Empire? Of Mandela who destroyed Apartheid in South Africa while in jail for 25 years? Of Martin Luther King who wrote a letter from Birmingham jail?  The Leftie Withits have become our oppressors ,our controllers for a regime of death. On November 11 we must pick up the Torch again but this time the “quarrel with the foe” is in our own land.  Gay

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